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Hey guys long time no SEE!!! anywho guess what I found? one hell of a deal I got the black Newer version Aiptek A-HD+ for 119.99 buxs... Found at a target store in Silverdale WA!!! it was first one on rack thingie and only one, all others were black 720p for 119.99. target never puts two different versions of the same product on different shelves so what they must be doing is with old version and new version giving it same item code in inventory computer and selling for same price. one heck of a deal... i shot alot today with it alot of test clips and boy let me tell you. ITS 2-3x better in video quality compared to first version of A-HD 720p model.. and audio has improved a little bit, same ole muffled audio but a tad more sensitve.

Now that i got that out of the way heres my analysis so far of different video modes:

1440x1080 29.97P fps = 7000-7200 data compression bitrate shot is more zoomed in by default than other mode but dam in good quality lighting with some distance this mode on this version of A-HD 1080P + camera is so sharp and detailed i almost crapped my pants!!! have a clip i uploaded to vimeo that shows this but its private do to my daughter being in it at beach and she got in trouble :sad:

1280x720 60P fps = 6000-6200 data compression bitrate shot comes out smooth and clean and of course when converted using super converter or ulead 11 videostudio plus really shows off the 60fps. my comparison of it is this... a MINI DV camcorder good brand shoots at 720x480 4/3 or 16/9 at a 25000 bit rate to dv tape, no compression artifacts showing just jaggies. well this model of cam from aiptek shows some of the jaggies but looks better than minidv even with the compression. also a mini dv camcorder does everything unless its a newer model in interlace mode at 30fps. well what if you were to intervene before the video went to tape it comes in the optical lense at a very smooth rate so could it be on a mini dv camcorder its a 60P fps mode then when interlace is in effect cuts it down to 30fps interlace but keeps smoothness? well if you have a system that can convert/keep up with the 60fps modes it comes out smooth as butter just like a mini dv camcorder at 30i mode...

1280x720 30P fps = almost same compared to older model of aiptek A-HD but since cmos on the one i got is so much bigger sensor visually to the eye compared to the old model and a jazz178 elite camera the video comes out better..

854x480 60P fps = dam this mode compared to my minidv old model panasonic camcorder out does it on its own with smoothness and sharpness and colors and is so much smaller than it. again the new black aiptek A-HD 1080+ wins here!

low light = you get noise and some compression artifacts but comes out much nicer than older A-HD 720p at any of the new resolutions and fps modes

pictures = sharp and clear although with cmos sensor always getting confused on what light source in picture to match white balance to and video some can come out oversaturated...

CMOS sensor = wanted to touch basis on this again.. i dont know what it is i got so use to the Jazz Elite 178 camcorder or dont really remember what the older A-HD 720p camcorder cmos looked like visually from front of cam looking at it, let me tell you on this model it looks HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell you could mistake it for a optical lense..

Audio = little better than first series of A-HD cams but not quite there yet.. still got the fuzzy distored audio when audio is to close to built in mic... this time i could give a dam about it becuz the video blows everything away for a 119.99 sale cam..

Zoom = same ole same ole it works choppy during recording but when zoomed in all the way in any of the video recording modes theres more noise but videos come out ok!

my system:

Biostar TFORCE 550SE rev5 motherboard

AMD Athlon64 X2 4000+ Brisbane core

overclocked to 250.00 bus speed x 10.5 multi = 2625.02mhz

512x2 Dual channel DDR2-800 patriot gamers ram kit running at = 5,5,4,8,18, 1T timings at 800 speed

XFX Geforce 8600GT overclocked stock from them

Samsung 953BW connected to pc through DVI with HDCP on card and lcd at max res 1440x900 60hz refresh

western digital 320gb EIDE ata/100 hard drive

Windows XP SP2 using Nvidia chipset drivers latest and greatest and older 169.32 non WHQL video drivers that can be hacked to fix greyish black backgrounds in videos through tweaked registry hack to change color code for lcd screen also using latest dx9 full install

got two dvd burners and so forth

Video software to edit crap right now is xp movie maker, Super C Converter which does great and fast converts of many types of video formats including aiptek a-hd series clips... and i use ulead videostudio11 plus for basic movie making with clips since it handles quicktime files alright...


1280x720 60P clip before sunset at beach with sun behind me behind hill


854x480 60P clip after sunset at higher altitude looking over football field game going on at nighttime using stadium lights..


1440x1080 29.97P clip SOON to come when i find another that can be public on vimeo.

best looking clip on vimeo is the 1440x1080 in good lighting. since bitrate and res is higher and when vimeo converts it still comes out sharp and nice..

welp im a happy camper and stay tuned for more clips from me skyhawk21 at vimeo.com!!

thanks goes out to original poster about the target sale that is there own screw up! and i think this model is the best yet from aiptek even without no optical zoom!!!

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