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I recently picked up a AHD+(plus) and the 1st one had a defective microphone that was very muted and picked up almost no sound. I exchanged that unit and the new one is much better, but when I compare it to my old A-HD (720p) I noticed that the sound was much much softer. People who were speaking sound like they are whispering, while on the old version of the A-HD the voices sound loud and clear (albeit with a bit more hiss).

Has anyone else noticed this? How is your sound on the AHD+ vs. the AHD (Fishy?)? Perhaps my AHD+ is another defective unit? Thanks.
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Since I own both the A-HD and A-HD+ as well as a GO HD, my A-HD+ has the best sound pickup of the lot of them though I swear my first GO HD was okay for sound but the replacement that Aiptek sent had poorer sound. I think Fishy said it was the same sound sensor in all the units but they must be tweaking the audio response levels. With the A-HD a bunch of folks singing "happy birthday" would make the audio clip but that isn't happening with the A-HD+ as well as it has been able to record musical groups fine without distortion.

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thanks Hdguy......

Owning these models most of them and a few of the same in duplicate etc.

1 the A-HD 1.2 FW building to higher fw with fixs, glitches , etc.

which one was the better or worse? I believe the 1.2 was alright , passable, till 1.6 was the best fix in my eyes.

The A-HD+, 2.002, while newer models will be out or newer Fw.

I have made priceless videos, and with my voice or a train a quater a mile away, some days are great, most oare unacceptable.

Can there be defective peices out there I am sure there are , can you have picked up a defective lott I bet you did.

I and others would tell by a sample, but if you are in the cameras view 10 feet and your voice is very low super low, where you have to turn up the pc sound to max then it is the cam and its Fw issued. -6db gain is trimmed way beyond unacceptable.

I have modded the cam and will love to do some tests for all, as 82impact. has a few already posted etc, I do not expect some, most to do a mod , but understand it may be a improvement other means of a firmware fix.

Will a aftermarket Eliment 4.5vdc mic improove this, will a Ext noise canceling mic , or a optional voice recorder/editing. the choise is yours.

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