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If this utility is useful, maybe we could make this thread sticky so that Aiptek will know the features we'd like in the software packaged with their cameras :-)

2008-07-02: Version 1.2
- Fixed crash condition for files with whitespace in paths
[align=left]2008-07-09: Version 1.1
- Added more file information in the file list
- Fixed aspect ratio issue
- Added drag-n-drop for processing arbitrary files (must be MOV files from the camcorder)
- Removed some resizing options. Not necessary in this utility.
- Added more conversions:
AVI (Uncompressed RGB)
AVI (Divx)
YouTube Upload Format
iPod[/align][align=left]2008-07-07: Version 1.0
- Add conversions to mpeg2
Aiptek Utility
Author: Scott Fritzinger <[email protected]>

Note: I am not officially (or unofficially) associated with Aiptek. I
wrote this for my own selfish purposes :-)

I wrote this to be able to immediately edit and use videos from newer
Aiptek camcorders in various video editors. The MOV file format native
to the camcorders cause issues in some editors. This utility will automate
several things:
- Copy the original file
- Convert to several output formats
- Prefix filenames with timestamp information for easier organization
- Demultiplex AVC and AAC files from the original MOV files to use in
advanced editing.

I use this with my camcorder. I have not had issues with it corrupting data.
You should not be so carefree as to assume that it doesn't have bugs. In fact,
you should consider this when using any software. Make backups of your data so
that if you hit a bug, it won't destroy your only copy of that file. Basically,
use this at your own risk.

Copy "AiptekUtility.exe" and "autorun.inf" to the external memory card in your
camcorder. Run AiptekUtility.exe from there.

1) Plug in your camcorder
2) Run AiptekUtility
3) Remove checks next to files you don't want to copy
4) Setting your copy/processing options
5) Click "Copy"
6) If you want to cancel, just close the window.

Download Link: http://www.driveway.com/l8i7d3p6e3
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Hi sfritzinger,

Wauw! Thx so much for this. Gonna try it out later n let u know if there's any bugs.
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Let me know what you think and if you have any feature suggestions. It would be really easy to add in conversion to a completely different format (MPEG2 for example)
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Nice job. Technically do you know what exactly is the difference between the Quicktime container and the MPEG-4 since the latter is supposed to be using that container?

Are you talking about using an MPEG-2 container? IOW, a transport stream? That would make it playable on some of the BluRay players and a one-stop option. The AAC audio is a showstopper for others.

The rewrapped file worked in Movie Studio Platinum 8 but that program has a problem with B-Frames and rendered a messed up HDV file with people in the video jerking back and forth which is something missprocessing a file with B-Frames would create. I still need to see if I can get an answer out of Ambarella as to why they encode with those. The Jazz doesn't.

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The MP4 container is indeed based on the Quicktime format, but it defines extra atoms and metadata for the streams. As such, renaming an MOV file to MP4 *sometimes* works, but not always. My utility actually rewraps the streams into a true MP4 container.

As for b-frames, I'm not sure why ambarella does it. I / P frames should be sufficient, but then again, if a program is MP4 'compliant', it should support B-frames as well.

Creating an MPEG2 *transport* stream (*.M2TS) would work in blu-ray players (part of the AVCHD and blu-ray specs), and recoding the AAC audio to a supported AC3 or PCM stream is easy, but no freely available programs write MPEG2 transport streams. :-P

Converting the AVC/AAC data to an MPEG2 *program* stream (*.MPG) is not hard to do. I can put in an option to convert to DVD quality video (720x480, PAL or NTSC, 8Mbps) or provide several options (1080/24i, 1080/24p, 720/60p, etc...). This would automate the conversion process that scorbing has described here (instead of using TMPeg Xpress):


You plug in your camcorder, run the utility, and it puts an properly DVD formatted MPEG2 file on your computer for editting in most programs.

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I've added the option to copy the original files and also


convert to various MPEG2 files (DVD NTSC, DVD PAL, 1080/24p, 720/60p, 720/24p)


since that seems to be a popular problem that people are having. :-)

so now you plug in your camcorder, run the utility, set your copy/conversion settings, and click copy. It can create a properly formatted MPEG2 file for DVD output if you want, or a couple other formats.

Let me know if you want other conversion options (different resolutions, framerates, etc...).

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Hello there sfritzinger,

I tried out your application, and I think it has very good potential and I am thinking about using it exclusively instead of VLC. However, I would like to see some more advanced options in it like the ability to change the Video format(xvid, divx, etc..) bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, and dimensions, and the Audio format(mp3, aac, ogg), bit rate and sampling rate.

All these options would be editable just by typing in a value or selecting from a list in the case of the formats, but maybe you could have defaults set by radio buttons or something.

It would also be nice if it had a browse button for selecting the input files, instead of automatic detection, i'm not saying take the automatic detection out, but I might have files elsewhere on the PC that I would like it to convert, so I might want to keep a copy of the application on the PC instead of just on the SD card

This would make it the perfect application in my mind.
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Thank you very much for the positive comments! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

For now, I'm focusing on making the utility as easy to use as possible so that it takes very few clicks to get a usable file...

BUT, I am planning on supporting drag/drop so that you can drop files on the file list for processing files already on your computer.

I can also put in an advanced conversion dialog that can specify various containers/codecs as well as bitrates. I need to be careful though so that it doesn't complicate the interface too much. My main focus is just on copying/processing the files and not necessarily converting them. That doesn't mean I can't provide some more advanced options though. I'll see what I can do. Let me know what type of conversion containers/codecs you are specifically looking for (raw AVI may be good).
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Helo Sfrtzinger

Thanks for the nice conversion program. I have used the new feature to select other video formats (DVD and MP2 HD options).

I like to make home movies so I tested the conversion to DVD. I converted a file recorded at 720p and 60 fps to DVD NTSC and PAL. I found that both clips show image distortion because of the Aspect Ratio set ( 1.5 for NTSC and 1.25 for PAL). The Aspect Ratio should be 9/16 like the original. I have played with Mencoder and found that Aspect Ratio setting overides Frame size setting.
Setting the AR to 9/16 you get a nice 480x854 NTSC and a 576x1024 PAL frame sizes that work great with any editor.

Adding a drag/drop file feature will help to use the program with files in any directory.
Thanks again for the program.
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I would suggest that if you add any of the things I mentioned, in the idea of keeping it simple, would be to just place an advanced settings button which would open up a dialog box with the advanced settings that way if people didn't want to mess with it they could use it pretty much like it is now.

As for other codecs, raw avi would be nice, the only other I could really see myself using is xvid. Maybe you could tie into ffdshow, not sure how difficult that would be, that would open up a whole lot of codecs, for both audio and video, if its too difficult then just forget it and focus on xvid and raw avi.

I was also wondering what language you used to program this application, is it a .NET? or something more like C++ or VB6. Oh, and what codecs are you using to do the conversion, I noticed that in the folder which is the destination, there is a dll and exe which is created, I assumed the exe is a copy of this application since its roughly the same file size, and the DLL is the codec?
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