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Happy 4th of July 2008 everybody!! got some wonderful nice clips of fireworks in a completely black sky from WA state. I used Aiptek A-HD+ Target sale camera with firmware 1.404 or so. its a little late as i type this 2:35am to be exact PST time. using slow dsl to upload clips to vimeo.com

anyways have some clips in 1440x1080 29.97P fps that while this mode is used in complete darkness allows more light into the cmos on camera and shows high quality results due to being 29.97 fps and a 7600k high data rate for video quality. also less video noise in darkness..

also have clips in 1280x720 60P fps that while this mode is used in complete darkness allows less light into cmos on camera and shows very smooth video quality results due to being 60 fps. much more video noise in darkness and less light let into cmos due to higher fps used at 6100k data rate.

anyways heres link to best clip so far and more to come stay tuned...


and heres link to my main vimeo.com page


to see more clips at future date of the 1280x720 60P fps mode of fireworks at night.

1280x720 60P fps clip: http://vimeo.com/1286081vimeo still processing but u can download original!

remember vimeo degrades the quality of original files so log in and download and watch. also recommended if you own a aiptek a-hd+ model Please install the included software and watch the original clips in the Arcsoft Digital Theater so it plays back smoothly!!


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Sweet , thank you for thise clips. as the 4th here was a bummer for me it started t orain very, very, Quiet on the front. a few big ones in the day. late evening and Silience at dark. the most qietest one ever.
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