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Hi all. I'm new to this forum and hope you may be able to help.

I recently purchased a Traveler DV-5000 from a store in the UK (http://h8349.serverkompetenz.net/htd...t.php?idcat=51)

After digging through your excellent forums, I know its identical to a Jazz178.

The support site doesn't mention anything about firmware updates, but heres the question:

The device seems to be based on ffdshow codec which is open source. It seems this is constantly being updated with improvements.

The video I have taken at 720p isn't at all bad for the price (£80), but does have some noticable problems such as shifting white-balance (even in manual mode), red colours seem very bright...et. OK picky I know, but maybe if the encoder firmware could be kept up to date, it may improve things ?

Am I thinking right here? Can it be updated? :?

Appreciate any advice?


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I am sure it *is* able to be updated since most of these devices seem to share a similar architecture ie internal flash memory divided up between firmware and a little left over for user use to test it out. The trouble is, it's very unlikely they will release any updated firmware. Even the firmware that users have managed to get from Aiptek wasn't always generally available.

The old jazzcameras.com website used to have a support area but the new one merely lists their products with no contact emails etc at all. This suggests that they may no longer have any support.

These cameras, being inexpensive, are now commodity items ie you buy it and if it goes wrong you throw it.

Even when firmware is released, camera manufacturers rarely add new features. Usually it's for bug fixes. At least the Jazz 178 (and I assume yours if the same) doesn't seem to have any major bugs, so we can be thankful for that.

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We here in the USA have stores like Rite aid Duene reed you can walk in grab a deposable film and also today a video film device for around 30.00 USc and hand it right back in for footage on a dvd. Today the yare called the flip and wondercam a few more $$ and you have your own to keep forever, So havin gagain a step or two higher called the Jazz I am happy with its content wish the fonts were bigger but Fw or other would not correct the issues

have you tried sharpness that will widen the pixals, but we can say editing may also help out. glad to see a different name wish there was a site for the firmware but well 99.99 usc we cannot again complain
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