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Old Sep 28, 2008, 8:20 PM   #21
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SteveNunez-I have been using two hot-mirror filters. Some of the earlier videos I posted were before I got the second filter. I haven't found any other websites where people are hacking these cameras with the exception of this one. If you find one let me know and I will do the same. Also, if you search around this site I believe there are pics of your particular camera opened up. I'm sure with a little digging you'll find some sort of instruction as far as opening that camera.
Thanks for your comments.
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Old Oct 19, 2008, 11:13 PM   #22
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So yeah, if you can add some more comment, it will be very great. Also, i wonder about the ir filter.. by doing a search over ebay.. our friend , i saw only : 700, 800, 850 nm.. But wicth one is needed ? Some of these or as you mention.. a hot mirror filter ? Thanks to help me out on this one.

Also, i will got my cam next week and on the 2 november i will start the project with the inclusion of a case in fiberglass. So if you have other picture or other developpemnt that you made, i will be enjoy to read it.

Thanks again.
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Old Jan 18, 2009, 2:25 PM   #23
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---Carbon Copy---

IM response to :md462x

Thanks for your interest. The guy who made it for me was named Richard Kinch. I called him and we worked out the specifications together until we got it right. I recently saw that there were pics of my adapter on his website that he took before he sent it to me... check out this link:


and scroll down to:

C-mount to M12x0.5 adapter

I don't remember exactly how much I paid (it may be in my earlier post) but the $ 250 you mentioned doesn't seem far off...although, I actually had an additional extension tube made.

Before you do that check into DIY Depth of Field adapters which will be cheaper to build and will give you the flexibility to move from camera to camera without any destruction to the camera.

Look here:


Here is some test footage shot by a guy I met from Pettersen Productions:


Check for DOF adapters on YouTube as well. If you build one of those adapters yourself you may save yourself the trouble of having to take apart and cut away part of your camera.
Also, you can make your own closeup macro lens by removing the large front lenses from a pair of cheap Ebay binoculars and putting them together instead of buying one.

Check out this link as well:


Without a prism in the adapter the image will appear upside down you can either fix this in post or build an adapter that holds your camera inverted, flip your viewfinder around, use a small mirror to reflect the image back to you and frame your shot (-:

I will copy this into my post to benefit anyone else who is interested.

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Old Feb 13, 2009, 9:38 AM   #24
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Very Interesting

Capulet_x, can you upload the C-mount design/blue print so I can make my self.

Where you put the Ir filter after you remove the original one, and what kind of Ir Filter you bought?

sorry my my english..
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Old Feb 13, 2009, 11:38 AM   #25
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The image I've attached is the nearest I have to a blue print.
If you missed it before you should look into a Depth of Field Adapter. It will be easier to build and offers a lot more flexibility with no destruction to your camera ( see my links above ).
Please don't worry about your english ... I have no doubt it is better than my Indonesian (which, by the way, I don't know any ) ;-)
Attached Images
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Old Feb 17, 2009, 6:23 AM   #26
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Capulet_x : Thanks for the design. Yes, I have read the `DOF adapter`wise from your links above, I also googling my self with that topic, that things really blow my mind. I plan to get the Hv20 also and make the adapter, since I saw the Canon Hv20 result is the most stunning with the others (include those tapeless ones). But before I go further, I want to make an experiment with my aiptek. You still havent answer my question about the Ir Filter yet. It`ll be great if you upload in vimeo, the videos shot with aiptek with those (DOF) adapter attached. (since theres no manual setting in aiptek, do you use the macro setting from the camera?)

Btw you could learn `bahasa indonesia` (indonesian language) from me, if you wish.
And I`ll start with the words Barack Obama always says
Terima Kasih, Mas! (means: thank you, Dude!)
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Old Apr 5, 2009, 7:26 PM   #27
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Good to see you here Steve, Wayne from over at alternative imaging.

SteveNunez wrote:
This is just awesome- would love to see some wildlife footage while tripod mounted!
Is anyone else doing these things- any websites anywhere?

Would love to adapt slr lenses to one of these Aipteks and shoot tripod mounted!

Capulet- have you tried using a hot mirror filter or a simple bluish cooling filter to offset the warm colors?

Also- do you have photos showing the opening of the case- where did you open it from? I have the Go-HD and I see nowhere to open it?
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Old Apr 6, 2009, 8:48 PM   #28
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It was a great help to see these dismantled pictures!

I modified my Aiptek A-HD+ by fitting it with a fisheye lens

see eg


I write about it more here


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Old Jan 11, 2010, 3:38 PM   #29
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Hey guys, I figured I'd bump this thread instead of making a new one.. So here it goes.

I got myself a Raynox fisheye lens a couple of days ago and wanted to put it on my Aiptek 200. Of course it didn't work because of the weak macro, luckily I had a homemade macro adapter/lens laying around the house so I taped my fisheye to it. Then I adjusted the distance between both so I could get the sharpest image possible. A few minutes later I discovered that it turned sharp for a second when switching between the macro mode and the infinite mode on my Aiptek.

Now to my question.. Is it possible to "hack" the camera in some way so it's possible to adjust the focus of the camera without any extra lenses?

Here's a video of what I mean. Yeah, the quality isn't best but whatever(If anyone got some tips on how to compress Aiptek footage without loosing too much quality I'm more than happy to read them).


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Old Aug 4, 2010, 5:18 PM   #30
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Default Aiptek lens hack

First off I would like to say thank you for your posts - this is an excellent hack...

I found this on ebay ""CCTV Camera C mount to Board lens Adapter Ring Tube"


That works with the A-HD+ and allows a C mount lens to connect.
Just thought it would help others that are trying to do this hack on a budget.

I got a nice closeout on a 5mm to 50mm lens that required a little case cutting - including 1/3 of the flash area. Bonus for me as I was able to use a 1/8 mono jack that also has a contact closure to use either the internal mic or an external mono mic! I moved the mic to the front of the camera where the flash formerly resided and sealed the enclosure - huge improvement.
I am planning on building a aluminum support that mounts to the bottom of the camera and allows for access to the memory card, adds a more balanced tripod mount and wraps around the front of the camera to support the front and lens.
I can use this to also mount a better condenser microphone or a shotgun mic as well.

Pretty fun project so far will keep you posted.

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