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thefish Aug 8, 2008 9:57 AM

[align=center]:!:Update: Addedstills, 1080P Clips, Bitrate Table -8/9/2008 :!:[/align]
So I finally got my DXG-595V from Walmart, I used ship-to-store and it took about 9 days to arrive.Here is my review of this camera. Lets start off by looking at some images of the camera itself.

My Overall Thoughts:

The build quality is nice, and when you take it out of the box it looks really nice, the problem is that it quickly gets covered in fingerprints and I find myself needing to wipe it down with my tablet PC cloth.

This camera ispretty small and very light, it wont make you tired carrying it around. Iteasily fits in my hand though I don't expect it to fit in any pocket (except maybe a large coat pocket). It came with a carrying case that can be put on a belt, it feels like a fanny pack but it works nice. I tried it out while riding on my bicycle and it felt secure.

As you can see in the above pictures it has a built in iris on the lens, I find this to be a great feature. It manually opens and closes with a switch on the side front of the camera, it does not open and close automatically with power.

The still image quality is ok, I would use it in a pinch but it will not replace my Canon S2IS that is for sure. This camera has very few manual settings though the auto mode seems to work ok. White balance outside works well but inside with artificial lights it has some trouble. Macro mode is good for close range but not super close. It has a built in LED flashlight as well as a separate flash, the flashlight is nice because if you turn it on it will help the AF work in low light situations.

720P combined with EIS is a nice mode, it is relativly stable and at 60FPS fast moving objects areclear.On the EIS side of things I want to say that it does help (you can see samples below) but it can only do so much, I wouldprefer an optical stabilization system.

The biggest downfall I have found is the AF system, it is very slow when zooming especially indoors where the light is not perfect.

One very annoying thing is that the microphone level is lowered almost to mute while zooming in video mode (can be heard in my "map zoom" clip below), this is to remove motor noise but I find it annoying. We should have the option to deal with the noise in editing.


Image Sensor: 5 Mega-Pixel (2592 x 1944)
Lens: 5x Optical Zoom (6.26mm-30.75mm)
Still Image: Maximum of8 Mega Pixel (interpolated)
Movie Mode: 1920 x 1080 (H.264) @ 30 fps, 1280 x 720 Pixels (H.264) @ 60 fps, 720 x [email protected] 60 fps, 352 x [email protected] 30 fps
Video Format: .MOV
LCD Display: 3" TFT Panel (960 x 240) with 270° Rotation
Internal Memory: 32MB built-in;
External Memory: SD Card Slot (Max. 8GB SDHC)
TV Out :HD (Component Out), A/V Composite out

Digital: USB 2.0 to computer


The bitrate seams to be variable:

1080P @ 30FPS I have seenfrom 5.2 -10.25 Mbps

720P @ 60FPS I have seen from 4.9 - 5.9 Mbps

Sample Images: (Right Click To Download)

Here is a shot taken in Macro mode, white balance manually set:

Following shots all taken with various optical zoom and auto WB:

1080P Sample Movie Clips:

1080P Movie Clip taken at the street corner:

1080P Macro Movie Clip Of Plants:

1080P Train Gets Ready To Leave:

1080P Train Engine Passes By (Max 10+ Mbps):

720P Sample Movie Clips:

720PZoom, can seeAF issues:

720PEISDuck Pond (firmware update):

720P with EIS high speed machine:

EIS Test Results:

720Pw/ 5X Zoom with No EIS:

720P w/5X Zoom andEIS:

D1PHAM Aug 8, 2008 2:06 PM

I'll piggyback this post with my thoughts as well! :)

DXG-595V Review

Confirmed Features:
1080P @ 30 FSP with 5 X Optical Zoom and 2 X Digital Zoom
720P @ 60 FSP with 5 X Optical Zoom and 4 X Digital Zoom
3" LCD Display

Camera bag, USB Cable (beige…), VGA Input Cables, VG HD Out Cables, Software and Manual.

Construction: The DXG-595V is well built. It feels solid in hand and the plastic is very dense and study. The LCD is of glossy finish and provides a nice bright image. I had no dead pixels on my LCD. The lens, SD and battery cover all open and close via a mechanical hinge switch. All of which add a nice touch to the camera.

Ergonomics: The buttons are well placed and the hand-strap is very cushioned. Your fingers naturally fix on the zoom and picture capture buttons. After an hour of so use my hand did not show signs of being tried. The total weight of the camera is not enough to cause strain to the wrist. My only gripe here would be that the navigation pointer is a little small and it is sometimes difficult to navigate through menus.

Audio: The audio levels are very acceptable. The MIC does not pick up excess noise, however when zooming the audio filter kicks in and audio levels drop to unacceptable levels. That being said, there is a firmware fix available for this issue.

Low Light Video: All CMOS based camcorders suffer in low light situations and the DXG-595V no exception. In low light the image is dark and grainy. Night mode and manual white balance control are available to combat this type of situation. I'll post some samples in another post.

Action Video: With EIS enabled in 720P mode the camera does a good job at keeping a moving object in focus and aligned. I'll post some samples in another post.

Conclusion: DXG has done a good job packaging a lot of desirable features into this camcorder while keeping the cost at an affordable level. The construction is much better than I expected (it doesn't feel like a toy) and the EIS is very impressive. However, at time of release there are some noticeable bugs/issues. For one the audio level zoom issue. When you zoom in and out the audio cuts out almost completely. According to DXG this is a done to eliminate the noise of the zoom motor from being picked up the video. However, there is a firmware fix available to decrease the speed of the zoom and remove the noise filter. I'll post some before and after results once I upgrade. Additionally, what I noticed is that in quiet low noise situations the MIC picks up some type of electrical interference. It almost sounds like a train moving down the train tracks. However, this is only noticeable on playback with audio maxed out on a computer. I sent off an email to DXG regarding this issue. Another small gripe I have is that there is no brightness adjustment option on the LCD.

D1PHAM Aug 8, 2008 2:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Here are instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. Format your card, copy the firmware to your newly formatted card and follow the instructions.

I have to say I'm really impressed with DXG's technical support team. I opened a ticket yesterday night and they were all over this issue this morning.


Quenaelin Aug 8, 2008 3:09 PM

This camera resembles Praktica DVC 5.1 sold in Europe, maybe they are from same factory.

fishycomics Aug 8, 2008 3:14 PM

there are two more models besides that

Ordro and Vivikai

and the Ambrella chip by Sim valley.........

This camera resembles Praktica DVC 5.1 sold in Europe, maybe they are from same factory.

fishycomics Aug 8, 2008 3:34 PM

Hung Tat Electronics Int'l Co.

Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Co., Ltd.

these may just be the people who make these unsure but hey anythings possable when online researching

D1PHAM Aug 8, 2008 4:23 PM

What's actually pretty cool is that your can go through and calibrate the camera through the "Test Function" screen. You can calibrate the sensor, wb, lens, EIS, etc. The new firmware works out pretty well. I'm very happy with the camcorder now!

thefish Aug 8, 2008 5:03 PM

I installed the firmware update and I was pleasantly surprised, because of the slower zoom rate the AF seems to work much better.

Before the upgrade it said:

FW: DVH596-V1.13-UA10
UI: OSD HD Table V1.1
Time: June 11 2008 15:22:30
Bin: dvh596.bin

Sensor Calibration -> OK
Defective Pixel -> OK
WB Calibration -> OK
Lens Calibration -> OK
EIS Calibration -> OK
Factory Setting -> OK

After the firmware upgrade all the OK's are gone so I assume they must be redone. Factory setting, EIS calibration, andLens Calibration are easy (actually the images seem a bit sharper now).WB Calibrationsays "No WB Param Insert SD WB.WT" I don't have this so it can not be done. A similar thing happens for "Defective Pixel." Sensor Calibration says please connect USB, I do this and it does something then turns off the camera. When it comes back on it says "Sensor Calibration -> NG" I am not sure what this means.

Now it says:

Sensor Calibration -> NG
Defective Pixel
WB Calibration
Lens Calibration -> OK
EIS Calibration -> OK
Factory Setting -> OK

All in all the firmware made a big improvement. I will post some more videos when I get a chance with it.

fishycomics Aug 8, 2008 5:20 PM

hoping for the best. we tend to jump in fast, would giving the old Fw a chance to show the potential the camera had?

1 did you as

k DXG if the Fw can be reflashed back to old if you knew the FW?

fishycomics Aug 8, 2008 5:26 PM

downladable manual for those who preferre further reviewing

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