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OK, I have an Aiptek A-HD+and I noticed that the infinity / macro toggle is not exactly a switch.
It is more like a slider that rotates the lense and (I guess) moves it forward or backwords thus changing the focus.

This gave me an idea for modifying it a little bit.

My suggestion for a mod is to open up the camcorder and check if it is possible to make the lense slider go even further in both directions.
Of course, a cutout on the outer shell of the camera will be necessary for allowing more stroke for the slider notch.

If this is possible, the macro mode may become more useable - it's closest focus out of the factory is 30 centimeters... Not too close for a Macro, eh?
Also the "infinity" position will produce sharper video for very distant objects since it is not real infinity at present (objects in the far distance are very blurred).

What do you think?
Anyone familiar with the Aiptek A-HD+ lense mechanics?

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all I can say is be very careful when attempting that lil toggle switch issuper small will break if tampered
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Could the lense spin a full circle if there was no notch to restrain it?
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