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Today i bought an aiptek a-hd+ camcorder from best buy, and while it is great, my firmware is 1.501, and i have heard (and noticed) that it has major video artifacts and such. I was wondering if there was a way to downgrade to a lower firmware version to correct this.

Thank you so much for your replies
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Hi jeffrey.

I maybe wrong. But, I don't think you can reverse the firmware yourself. If you can. Someone here will let you know asap.
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First Welcome aboard.

As we ahve owned these cameras longer and from the start.

Can the firmware be flashed , YES which way are we ALLOWED from default to newer.

The older models we were able to reflash downgrade / upgrade

The newer I have asked what if I do not want , after due to ....................

Aiptek said. once you flash that is it, you must then send in and they'll reflash , or repair.

That will take from 3 weeks to a month or more.

I did try thi, and once you flash from example:

1.002-to 1.50, you can load 1.002 back but camerawill not accept.

do nottake my word for it, things can change. and best place for an UPGRADE, to your liking is at Aiptek.com USA ask them and request a personal firmware, maybe they'll release t.

A membe Pm's me with theFW and only wants an answer and will not offer the FW,

one lat thing

ifthe Upgrade is there I am sure they'llsay uh Wb only got fixed LOL

hope we have answered your Question thanx FISHYC
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