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something like a Samsung x105L Sports Camera ?

the x105l is ok, but could be improved on in almost every way

the biggest problem I have with camcorders and my helmet cam, is the way the av input sticks out, it'll eventually get broken right off, they need to make the connector inline with the camcorder better yet with a cover too so it does not stick straight out

the big problem for action video is artifacts from compression, and frame rates too slow to catch motion properly

make sure you put in replaceable lens you really need wide angle for helmet cam stuff
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Sorry for the delays, I had been having problems logging in.

It would be less like the Samsung, and more like the ChaseCam.com and Cam-FX.com DVR's, which are purpose-built for action/adventure sports, motorsports/racing, and military applications...the difference being able to capture HD video. The casing is aluminum and protected, and the input/output connectors are heavily fortified and IP68 waterproof. The LCD screen is protected as well.

The intent is to be less of a camcorder, and more of a rugged capture device/DVR. There will be no internal lens/sensor.

The bullet cameras all have replaceable lenses in various angles.

The largest hurdle for the current products is heavy interlacing and motion compression artifacts, I wholeheartedly agree. If we can improve this and do it at 60fps, I think that will be the ticket.
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I hope ambarella will release a chip that will handle this one day for DVR/bullet cams.
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