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When on a shoot I typically have six to eight SDHC cards in my pocket. Each is 16 Gig in size. There is no way that any netbook can act as storage for them. In any case, it takes too long to copy the data. So I just carry extra cards. At $28 for 16 Gig these days, it is hardly worthwhile trying to copy them onto a netbook in the field. Why not wait until you get back to a real computer.

ps: I do own and use a Fujitsu P1510 'netbook'

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I agree with Trevmar. Cards are getting so cheap that for the average vacation, it's easier just to take a bunch of cards with you. Also you don't put all your eggs in one basket ie if the hard drive failed for instance.
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I look a lot about those unit.. the EEEpc from Asus and the ACER. And even a Toshiba at the same size with also an Atom processor.

But, for video... NO you can only surf over internet. But if you whant to watch some vimeo video.. it's pretty choppy. So if you whant a laptop with a long during time.. just grab a real one with dvd and got youy an extra 6cell battery. It will be better than the small form. Or wait 1 year to the next evolution and for the new processor.
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I was recently given an Acer Aspire One (AAO), and despite what others had posted, I decided to give it a try with some of the native files from my Jazz HDV-188. The AAO runs at 1.6 gHz with 1gb RAM and a 120gb HDD. To my surprise, the videos play BETTER on the AAO than they do on my Dell Inspiron 5150.

My Dell has a 3 gHz Pentium 4 with 2GB RAM, and it chokes on my 1280x720 clips. Playback is choppy and audio is unsynched.

But the same clips play smoothly on my AAO.

My Dell also has trouble editing the native files (VideoStudio and Movie Maker), and I must recode them first. So, I tried editing on the AAO, and Movie Maker opens the native files okay. VideoStudio won't run under the AAO max display resolution of 1024x600, so I used this sweet little utility to tweak the resolution to 1024x768. Then VideoStudio runs fine and also opens the native files.

I haven't done a lot with the AAO beyond confirming that I can at least playback and do basic editing of my native h.264 avi files. And mostly what this tells me is there's something wrong with my Dell!
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