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I've been searching and searching these last 2 weeks, but i havn't been able to deside witch camcorder i'd go for, so I've desided to turn here for help.

So far i've looked at lots of cheapshot cameras but none of them have convinced me enough yet but I leaning towards the Aiptek AHD z600. But i have only been able to find a few videoshots online to review. I also looked at the Praktica DVC 5.2 FHD, the Easypix DVC 5024 HD and the Easypix DVX 5270 HD, but i've so far not been able to find any footage on them so so far they have been put on the sideline.

Which HD camcorder is the best for 179euro(228$) approx.
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welcome aboard Kenn..........

there is a camera list, tht wasworked on herethat shows a ton of older models and to date models as well.

Aiptek seems to be the popular model , and latest talk will be the DXG known as the Praktica has been the talk as well.

When our members see the post they'llstop by and offer some advice since location is the factor. that will limit your decision. thank you
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which is the best Aiptek Ahd Z600 or Praktica DVC 5.2 FHD? need a reply quickly as my visa card is screaming for usage
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Hi Kenneth,

I would think that there aren't that much difference in video quality between these two hybrids. Try a search on Vimeo.com for both hybrids though I don't think you will find sample clips of the Praktica 5.2 yet as it's a fairly newly released hybrid camera. I own the Aiptek AHD Z600 myself and I'm pretty much happy with it though it's has flaws. Read my small review of it at the top of the posts.

So which is best? I don't know because it depends several things. Size as one of the major difference between these two. The Praktica is not in any way "pocketable". Unless you have huge clown pants with huge pockets. Though the Z600 is not tiny in any way it's still small enough to go in large coat pockets. The Aiptek Z600 has 3x optical zoom and the Praktica 5.2 has 5x optical zoom.

I'm positive you're gonna be happy with whatever hybrid cam you choose, if you don't start comparing them to more expensive Sony, Canon, Panasonic or JVC hidef camcorders.
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