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Too many good choices out there, can somebody give me some suggestion ?

I want to get a 720pHD Hybrid digicam. Has to be compact.
It will be cool that I can take still picture as well.

I read about Sanyo hd100 and Aiptek and Jazz. Just today, I read about iFlip HD version. Really, which is the best value ?

I don't want to spend too much on this, less than $300 will be great.
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Welcome aboar first alpharay

Private Idaho mentions the sanny hd 100 has certain issue, whie a few has shown up on here with mixed feelings, they say the cam issold at 199.99 and went down in pricing around 165 plus. had dead pixal or something

Aiptek models there are new Models out called the HS-HD, and HD1 they are sold at 119.99 and 150 or so. with a mic input, they have old features like a mp3 player but taken away the AV input, and giving less in the res video settings. The A-HD+ selling as low as 119.99 and within 14 days going to have a ALL TIME low one day price of 79.99 after a rebate, while the Ction HD sells at 199.99 and lowered to 170 plus they are the all time popular models today.

If a budget, and wanting to test the waters. the Jazz hdv-178 at its lowest 99.99 price may find at 89.99 if lucky. will work with slower pcs of 800 plus processors. while the other models need 2.0-3.0 and higher processors, the jazz will hold its ground supersmall compact and has a mp3 voice pic you name it even a webcam feature.

so it is a decision, let the members tell you what they like and I am sure you'll mkea good choice

I stand clear of hte newest Aips as color may be awash out my 2 cents

soon a GVS of Aiptek we all waiing for tough decisions LOL
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Just to clarify...

The "dead pixel" problem I experienced with one of my Sanyo VPC-CG6 models isn't a problem that one will find with each and every model of Sanyo camcorder. I have another VPC-CG6 that doesn't have the problem at all. So it would seem to be a "spotty" problem that shows up from time to time.

Still, Sanyo camcorders do seem to have had more than their fair share of such issues. I remember when the first VPC-HD1 model was introduced with the fancy OLED screen. Many users who purchased that model reported problems with that screen going totally black. The problem was supposedly fixed with the VPC-HD1A and VPC-HD2 models.

I did read some posts on the Web from other Sanyo purchasers who got stung by the dead pixel problem with various models.

But I hope nobody interpreted that to mean every model is impacted because that would not be true. I think Sanyo may have just run into a few bad batches of CCDs, etc.
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