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This list, where will you be grabbing hte info from?

Globle resource

top models have to have limit of how many if 100 models are out there 10% of the 100 and again devided by HD SD and possably by even smaller res. three catagories.

i think there will be a little mor then just picking the top models.

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from what i can tell, the people on this forum aren't too interested in a hybrid cam that costs more than 500 dollars.

that said, the Sony and the Sanyo Xacti HD800 models are of little interest to most users.... or so i think.

The Aiptek GVS appears superior to the Sanyo HD100 model. it has a 60fps mode. Yes, the HD100 is nicer looking and has LEDS, but the LEDs don't do much and both models are 200 USD... so the GVS is a clear winner. it also has better image quality.

That said, on this list, Aiptek GVS seems to be the winner.

The SVP models are usually not very good, and this one is only 720p, not 1080p. also, not 60fps mode. So, at 150 dollars it seems like a bad deal. The DXG is the same: no 60fps mode, no 1080p mode.

So, the Aiptek GVS is still the top model when compared to the DXG and SVP models.

But the DIGILIFE 1080P has the same features ast the Aiptek GVS models, PLUS it has a better form factor and LEDs.

Is the DIGILIFE 1080p better than the Aiptek GVS? there are no sample videos, so i don't know... the digilife is sort of a mystery.

Of course, we are talking about the quality of current hybrid cams that cost less than 400 or 500 dollars. Sure, we can get better ones but it doesn't seem worth the money, really. The best value and quality of all hybrid cams that are under 400 dollars seems to be either the Aiptek GVS or the Digilife DV1080p.

Some people may want specific things, such as recording input, really good low light, audio, etc. That may make them want to buy other models. But, it seems that they all are a bit blahhhhhh in low light and that most people are concerned with resolution and image quality and form factor and price range. Some people are really into portability, and so go with a mino HD or something. But, for people who want the best image quality under 400 bucks and 60fps mode, there seems to be only 2 models to consider:

aiptek gvs and digilife dv1080p

i hope my logic makes sense - now i just need to think about the digilife, since it seems nobody has this model!
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ah i take it back! i went on vimeo and fishy has some reviews of the digilife!

that said, how do you feel about AIPTEK GVS and the DIGILIFE 1080?
how would you compare them?

i think fishy is the only one to have both, so whatever he says he likes more, that is what i'm getting all my cousins and parents for christmas!
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I've posted a video clip from the Hitachi DZ-HV564E on YouTube at: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=nKlSMGtAxk0

I think this camera is a rebadged Sanyo HD100 - the spec, menus screens and the manual are identical!
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