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This is a review about gear noise in the Action Hd that may or may not be present in rcording. whilesome will find itto loud or feal it in the hands.

While a Firmware fix will correct the issues. we are uncertain if other artifacts will be present.

When members or others request a fix, they are turned away, andwhile finding out what wil the update do we are told , only white balance will be fixed?

Older FW or newer if you have the Old and have Noise you'll need to load to the correct one that is available by Aiptek.

In my video the actual footage I hardely hear the gear, but feel the movement. I am satasfied with what I have and that said

Thank you
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You know, the noise of the autofocus and zoom on camcorders these days I think is a bit overblown. I was listening to an old VHS video I made in 1989 (only time I ever used a camcorder until the late 90's!) and you just can hear the autofocus mechanism on quiet scenes even then and this was a much bigger device so you would think the separation between the mechanism and mic would be larger.

Personally I don't mind the noise of the zoom, as long as it's not too loud. I think zooms that go quiet such as on Samsungs Digital cameras are much more disconcerting to me!

I think considering the size of devices now, they do pretty well.
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I've talked about this subject before and I still think that in preproduction of

Camcorder if the noise of the auto focus is heard, why produce

the Camcorder?

How much time, money, or technology, would have taken to fix the problem?
Millions, thousands, or pennies?

I'll guess pennies, OK.

The Action HD is a great camcorder, but it would have been a much better
camcorder if they could have fixed the gear problem.
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