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hi recently purchased a aiptek 1080p

Action HD - 1080P High Definition Camcorder w/ Optical Zoom

thats the model number and link.

heres the werid thing when i record and press the zoom in button the camera it self starts making a werid noise and when i stop zooming in, and just record the noise continues from the camera until i turn off the machine is this normal? i feel like something is broken about the machine. does this camera has alot of grain? just curious when i export my videos out the videos have alot of grain and noise. maybe poor lighting? does any one know where to get a lens cap also =/ i dont know whats the size of it is it a 25mm or a 35mm i dont know which size should i get. also what tripods work for this? im searchign through ebay.com and trying to figure out what works.
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You hear what we now like to call gear noise, two motors run back and foward. these motors are realy small, andcause noise how much depends on th user.

1 in the video below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebj8mEw4Xdo

and posted link, are the same, will help show you firmware as well. What firmware is on the camcorder. just the top line ver 1.308 is what I m running that has very low noise , hardely heard. I am sure yous sounds like an older one.

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