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I have been having problems with ebay search for years, it is acting like it is ****** to me. I try to find a product but ebay search stuffs it up, but now they have redone their search it seems worse than ever. I just spent maybe 2 to 3 hours to do a simple search that should take 2 to 3 minutes on a good search engine, and it is like this all the time now, so I don't use it. I have spent tens of hours this year, hardly being able to buy anything, and could spend hundreds of hours if I was looking for a lot of stuff to buy (where they actually make money). Useless talking to them, about it, or offering suggestions for improvements, not much happens and it seems to have gotten worse.

I live overseas and few exotic models get distributed (even the Casio distributor stopped distributing just when the F1 was to come out, some companies act like it is duty free shop in Antarctica). So it gets confusing trying to locate items that are in other countries that are in that countries own unique categories (some products don't turn up here) listed available worldwide, any country/region etc etc etc. It used to be that I selected, located in any country/region, but I noticed that it would leave out results. Now it is turkey heaven (that is if the search engine was a machine gun and the turkey was in a barn on a pile or explosives). I can search for Aiptek or DXG and get the usual meaningless drivel (like 5mpixel HD camera etc tiles) with one hispeed listing, and a few 600's. But if i try to narrow the listing with hispeed, hi-speed, even though there was one listing in front of me, it comes back 0 items. It is worse than this, if I try z600, 596, 595v, even using the OR bracket with commas (which I used quite a lot to narrow and get around the stupidity of searching ebay that would returns thousands of hits) with different ways of listing dxg-595v and dxg-596, all in correct format I get 0 results. (there is only a wild-card of the end of words, and model numbers ofter have different prefix codes). It always was a bad experience as a buyer of products that are rare locally.

It is a bit of a whinge, and I am sure that people in the US get similar problems (though they have to only select available to the US, which probably is sorted out). But what can I do to get cameras, US companies are reluctant to send to Australia, even most on ebay? I think ebay is really shooting it with this stuff.
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