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Where do you get your statistics? I mean I'm not sure you really know what you're talking about when you claim Aiptek's refurbished offerings consist of "99%" returns. Where did you get that figure? Did Aiptek provide you with that percentage figure? Or did you simply pull it out of your hind quarters?

I don't understand why you're so hard on Aiptek while you treat Sanyo with "kid gloves." Virtually all of the problems you cite relative to Aiptek are shared by Sanyo.

1. The Sanyo models I own are made in places like Indonesia and Malaysia and not Japan.
2. Sanyo's advertising relative to the VPC-CG6 was deceptive on the subject of an external microphone input and I'm referring specifically to the http://www.sanyo-dsc.com/english Web site where -- for months -- Sanyo claimed the VPC-CG6 had a "dedicated terminal" to which an external microphone could be attached! That was a lie!!
3. You claimed Aiptek camcorders were "cheaply built" when virtually ALL of these camcorders -- including Sanyo camcorders -- are cheaply built. I bought a Sanyo VPC-CG6 that developed a "stuck pixel" issue where two (2) pixels on the flip-out screen no longer functioned correctly, causing my recorded videos to exhibit tiny squares (pixels) fixed on the colors BLUE and YELLOW! And this was from the VPC-CG6's *CCD* sensor!!! Talk about cheap!!!
4. The Sanyo VPC-CG6's audio is only marginally "clearer" than that of the Aiptek ISDV2 and ISDV2.4 models. But when it comes to the Aiptek Action HD and other Aiptek high definition models, the Sanyo VPC-CG6's audio is NO BETTER!!! The Aiptek ISDV2 and the ISDV2.4 utilize 11.025 Khz sampling rates. The Aiptek high definition models all use 48 Khz sampling rates which is EQUAL TO that of the Sanyo VPC-CG6!!!

Sanyo is as bad as Aiptek in many respects.
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round one private idaho.

man you are going to get me to dig out the B-52's songs.....
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fishycomics wrote:

round one private idaho.

man you are going to get me to dig out the B-52's songs.....

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