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the new Vado HD and Flip Mino HD have received good reviews in terms of low light shooting. however, i have seen absolutely zero sample videos of either product.

i wonder, how do they compare to ths new Aiptek GVS model?

i would like to know which is superior... i assume the GVS is superior video quality, but who knows? they Vado and Mino are quite expensive, maybe they are better?

Any sample footage or comparisons between these 2 or 3 models?
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I thought about getting these two to test them. But, after looking at the specs of both of them I really had no further interest in doing it.

My reasons are as follows.

1. 1280 x720 @ 30 fps. "If they would be at 60fps then I'd consider it"

2. no optical zoom only digital zoom. "i'm old school and digital zoom might aswell mean no zoom, quality wise"

3. too small of a LCD "going from a 3" lcd on the GVS to a 2 " is not a option for me"

Now, I do like the size. But, with the above mentioned. That totally makes it a deal breaker for me.
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hey khyoshi what did you choose then?
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