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shabby wrote:
Private Idaho wrote:
The Aiptek Action HD GVS is a 1080p camcorder.

The Sanyo VPC-HD700 isn't.

Case closed... for me.

Private Idaho
1440x1080 isnt exactly 1080p.
I would rather have high quality 720p video than half assed 1440x1080 video, the action gvs' video quality isnt exactly stellar, its good for the price but in the end its average at best.
It is still 1080P. 1440x1080p is one of the formats used even in the more expensive camcorders such as HDV. It's just not 'Full HD'. 720p is not full HD either.

Having said that, for most people 1280x720p is plenty for general video recording. After all it is still 3 times the recording area of a VGA camcorder.

I had an HD700 on trial. The video recording in daylight is very good but it wasn't so good in low light. It tended to be very noisy unlike my Sanyo C40. It was noiser in fact than my Jazz HDV178! Also, as Private Idaho said, it had an annoying narrow field of view, not to mention quite noticeable barrel distortion for still images which was the worst of the cameras I have owned.

Another problem it seemed to have was flash photography. The photos often came out much poorer than I expected, often still with noise! Again my old Sanyo C40 is much better.

I have used an Action HD and have seen the GVS video and they look pretty good to me. I'd say they and the HD700 are about equal to me in good light. I wouldn't say the HD700 is MUCH better but if you can put up with the flaws I mentioned about the HD700 then yes it is a decent camcorder if you are determend to get one.

Both the mp4 and mov are Apple video containers so have similar editing issues but are not a problem with any decent video editor.

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Shabby wrote that he thought the 1080p,
1440 x 1080 video of the Aiptek Action HD
GVS is -- in his view -- "half-assed."

In my view, the video of the Sanyo VPC-HD700
is 720p, 1280 x 720, and it also falls into
the "half-assed" category.

Look, all of these sub-$300 camcorders shoot
"half-assed" video if you're comparing the
video to that of more expensive camcorders.

I maintain the difference between the Sanyo
and the Aiptek is virtually "zero" when it
comes to image quality.

I owned two Sanyo VPC-CG6 camcorders and
happily donated both of them to my employer
because I can get as good or better video
from my Aiptek camcorders.

I think people generally pay more for the
Sanyos because of the pretty colors and the
design -- which gives mostly an "illusion"
of higher quality when -- in the end -- the
quality isn't genuinely better
with Sanyo than Aiptek or DXG.

Show me all the flaws of Aiptek you wish; I'll
show you just as many from Sanyo.

But if you want to buy a "pretty" camcorder,
then definitely go with Sanyo. Even in this
regard, however, Sanyo is changing for the
worse. The newer Sanyo models are now just as
ugly as the Chinese camcorders and Sanyo has
-- with its latest models -- switched to
cheaper CMOS sensors.
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kiyoshi_music wrote:
looking at the bit rates, i could assume that the Xacti HD700's 720p video, upscaled to 1080p, would look better than the Aiptek GVS 1080p video.

is that not true?
Please don't forget they are manufactured with different backends. The encoding capability of backends is defferent.
Comparing bitrate is only reasonable when backend is the same.
If backends are different, comparing real video clips is necessary to tell which has better quality.

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http://vimeo.com/692134yep guess you're all right the above link is half to your liking.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gh2fzchImcand this link as well.

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For me, another really BIG negative with the Sanyo VPC-CG6 camcorders is the fact that you can't connect them to a wall power outlet and let them run. In other words, the USB port on the Sanyo VPC-CG6.

With my Aiptek camcorders, I can simply plug the provided power adapter into the wall and power the camcorders directly... without the need for batteries.

For me, that's an amazing feature for camcorders that actually cost LESS than the Sanyos because if I have a very long shoot, I can keep my Aiptek camcorders going without having to stop the camcorders and change the batteries.
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I should explain further to those who don't have the Sanyo VPC-CG6...

...it doesn't have a power input!!

...it only has a USB port!!

And this Sanyo USB port can't be plugged into a power outlet to power the camcorder.

You must use batteries.

The only thing the USB port can do is CHARGE a battery inside the camcorder.
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