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Hi all,

Im using the Aiptek Action HD to film my auto races and have a problem in that the battery only lasts 1 1/2hrs but a 16GB card can hold up to 5hrs of video. Do you guys know if there is any way to mod so that I can hardwire off a 12v power of the car? What Im thinking is to find a 3.7v power supply and hard wire it into the battery connectors...

Ive already taken the unit apart and removed the microphoneso I could add in a mic input plug on the back side of the swivel display.
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You can go to radio shack and get an adjustable voltage regulator:


You might have noticed that the regulator is stable up to 37 VDC and so stepping down to 3.7v from the 12v of your car battery should be no problem.

It goes into a circuit like this:




I know that the instructions on the regulator may not be very good but there is plenty of information on the LM317T adjustable voltage regulator.
Once you build this simple circuit connect a volt meter to the output and adjust R2 (this is an adjustable resistor in the schematic)
As you adjust R2 the voltage on your voltage meter should change. Adjust the resistor until you get the voltage you need ( 3.7v?)

You should check online to find one prebuilt if you don't want to make it yourself:

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Excellent. Thanks! Ill be soldering soon enough..

How do I handle the 3rd connector on the battery (T) I take it this is to test to see if the battery is dead? what voltage should that be? I assume I can connect that to the +3.7v.
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