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I finally found this company in Iowa -- CJS Technologies -- that could convert my Super 8 film to DV .avi format and -- wow -- I'm impressed with their process. They wash the film and remove as much dirt/dust as they can. Then they scan it FRAME-BY-FRAME. Then they get the frame rate just perfect so that when you import the finished DV .AV file into your video editing application, you can edit it and playback and you'll not be plagued by any flicker, which is a problem that I formerly got when I tried to do the conversion myself.

When I tried to do the job myself, I wasted my cash on one of those little projection screens with the mirror that lets you record your projection using a MiniDV or other type of camcorder. But the frame rate of video does not match the frame rate of film. So there's HORRIBLE flicker!

This CJS Technologies outfit did my family's entire Super 8 (and regular 8mm) film collection for less than $500 and we had a very big collection. I have no connection with them other than being a satisfied customer. They burned my DV .avi files to DVD discs. I'm so happy to see these old movies again and to be able to share them. Problem solved. And the quality is just amazing... especially the colors.
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congrads .
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Hmmm. That is interesting. I also had my old super-8 movies converted professionally about a year ago. Only I saw the rig they used and it was little more than a home-made projector that was recorded by a DV video camera. The quality was very poor. But then again, the original quality of the super-8 video was poor anyway. Most of the videos were taken by my dad. Back then you had to manually adjust the exposure and focus. He wasn't the best photographer. So most of my super-8 videos are over/under-exposed and blurry.

The sad part is that the camera was very expensive back then. Yet today, my used Aiptek ISDV2 that I paid like $40 for takes MUCH better video. Plus I get audio too!

TO be fair, I'm sure a professional with a good super-8 setup could probably make video that would surpass the quality of the aiptek camera, especially using the scanning method you described. But what would the point be?
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