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I need a little help because I'm having trouble navigating the sea of hybrids out there. I am currently leaning towards the Aiptek GVP new camcorder, but wanted to see if there was more out there. Here is what I'm looking for:

Must haves:
- 720p, 30fps
- Some kind of optical zoom, 3x minimum
- Under $220

Really would be nice to haves:
- Half decent low light performance (this is almost a must have) and by half decent I mean that you could make out most of what you are shooting indoors with 60W incandescent lighting at night (not total darkness or anything). Grain is ok, nasty grain is probably not
- 1080p
- 60fps mode
- Stabilization
- ext mic
- uses SDHC
- higher zooms (>3x)

I'm mostly concerned with the low light so that's why I'm on the fence about the GVS. I haven't seen any at night indoors with regular lighting type videos. If someone can point me to that , it would be great. This is for family get-togethers and such.

I understand that at that price point the options are limited, but I want to make sure I didn't miss any camcorders that would qualify. In addition to the indoor family reunion type clips, I will be doing outdoor sports stuff. Most of the ones I've seen will do that no problem so that's not the concern.

I tried to qualify my problem well about the low light because when people speak of low light they mean different things. Near darkness is not what I meant, just a few 60W sources in a dinner setting.

I have a Canon Elura DV that I bought a few months back to replace a JVC and it's not really great on a high def screen (720p) and the low light is bad. This is despite the fact that I researched the heck out of it. The camcorder it replaced was way better. Anyhow, I've given up on low res, DV and want to move into the world of hi def and no more tapes.

Thanks for your help in advance..
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD7akPTx_IYlow level day time

60 watt bulb at night time will not help light the video.
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That was very helpful. It looks like it's on the edge of what I want - although the nite shot mode helped A LOT.

I was wondering about a night time shot, indoors, with good deal of indoor lighting, not real low like just 1 60W bulb...maybe like 6-8 60W bulbs like in a kitchen with recessed lighting or some scenario like that.
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