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I am looking to buy the best possible camcorder I can find for under $300. I want something that records to flash memory, has optical zoom, films in a 16X9 aspect ratio, and has some kind of image stabilization. Overall quality of the picture is the most important aspect. Based on my search, I have narrowed it down to the Aiptek GVS and the Cannon FS100. I know the cannon is not HD, but based on what I haveread, HD doesnt necessarily mean better picture. I've looked at video of each on youtube and vimeo, but to my eye its a toss up and Im not even sure how those samples are compressed - maybe its not a fair comparison.

Does anyone have experience with both of these cameras? Which one has the better picture? Is there another option that I havent found?
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welcome aboard first


in my opinion, the GVS is more a Point-n-shoot model with Auto settings

5 mb still only and yes and a caption off the video frame rate @170kb single frameOR 10 frame max per burst.

This is a PC Hybrid Daytime Outdoor Cam

taking a still shot in the wee AM, or Pm best to use a tripod and no moving objects.

Taking daytime, no porblem.

The Link above I provided shows some Stills, and may be possable as i am testing out a defective Model, awaiting support for my return from Nov 28th LOL

I hope that helps you decide more to the or leaning more to the........

On youtubeits not thebest plqace, but on vimeo click on the .mov and Dl the clip for acurate files, WMV are converted.
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Hi kevbach,

I haven't got a FS100 though I did have an Aiptek. These two cameras are quite different and cannot be compared imo. Which one is best for you? Well only you have the answer to that. You don't mention what you generally record(family, sports, lectures etc.). What pc or mac setup(I'm thinking about cpu, ram and gpu) you have? Is the video recorded going to be watched on a TV(SD or HDTV) or a pc/mac monitor. Is you main goal to share the final edited video on the net or make DVD's? You have the answer to all these question, and I could find more, but I will spare you:-)

Now to the cameras themselves. First the Aiptek is an HD hybrid camera which uses a variant of the AVC/MPEG4 for SD/HD recordings, and therefore you need a fast Dual Core or Quad Core based computer witth lots of ram and a good graphic card. Or else viewing and editing become problematic and frustrating. In good light enviroments I would definantly say the GVS has a better image quality than FS100. Especially if you are watching it on a HDTV as it does shoot in 1080p. SD video upscaled, can look good on a HDTV if your sitting waaaay back but it still isn't as sharp, as HD. The GVS does have a major low light issue. It simply sucks. So if your'e recording in low light, go for another camera. Oh and recording time is about 1h.

The Canon FS100 records videos in the MPEG2 format and this makes it very easy to put your videos on DVD's. If you're gonna zoom a lot this camera has 37x optical, which should be enough for most. It's bigger and more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time than GVS. The battery can hold for about 3hrs. I know, I'm only mentioning technical info and not a "personal experience" with this camera. Is it better than GVS in low light? I would definantly say yes. It's got a better and bigger lens than the GVS.

Using youtube to check out video quality is not advisable as the video uploaded has been compressed to a format youtube likes, and then youtube compresses it even more. I know youtube now has HD but still way too compressed. If you want a fair video quality comparison, try to find raw files of both cameras. I bet members here can provide you with GVS raw video but for FS100, I don't know. Try and find a Canon camcorder forum. Maybe hv20.com.

Similar camcorder to the FS100 is the JVC GZ-MS100. Well there are more and when I get the time, I will find them for you.

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