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I have been reading TONNES about the Jazz 178 (especially by Fishycomics) and have gone and bought one.

It is sweet to use, but I am dumbfounded as to how to view the video from the camera on my PC.

Generally I am pretty good with this stuff and understand file extensions and all of that, but for some odd reason I cannot get the videos to open with any video from the DCMI file (all I get is audio). This is opening with Quicktime.

My other problem is Movie Maker will not open it either. It opens photos, but does not do so for video.

Am I missing a step or doing something wrong.

PLEASE HELP so I can play with this gem of a camera.

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It sounds as if you are missing codecs. I don't know which specific codecs you need for your camera, but try MajorGeeks.com for just about anything in that line.

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Just dropped this into theHybrid Still/Movie/MP3 Digicams where you are morelikely to get an answer from the experts on such matters.
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1 jaz camera came wit ha disk,we must load this disk no exceptions.

2 with the software you can convert, if one does not want to convert then you cannot go no further.

3 once converted to a format, then by all means you can use win moviemaker

it is that simple.

thank you
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