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adric22 wrote:
Well, I can definately attest that firewire harddrives do perform better than USB 2.0. We did some extensive tests at work a few weeks ago to determine just that because we were trying to determine if the next batch of external harddrives we bought should be firewire or USB. I hooked up the drive to several machines and performed read/write tests on a 10 GB file. I determined that firewire was about 20% faster than USB 2.0 in pretty much all of the tests.

[sup]Oh I know that firewire are generally better performancewise but skillionaire was implying that USB wasn't up to the task of a HD Webcam. [/sup]

And in regards to the "highspeed card" comment.. well, that turned out to be surprising. We bought a 64-bit PCIfirewire card for our fileserver, in hopes to improve performance on the external drives and reduce CPU load. Well, after extensive before and after tests, we found the $15 regular PCI card we had before actually out-performed the $100 fancy 64-bit card by about 10%. I still haven't figured that one out. I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised that much if there had been no difference, but for the cheap card to out-perform was unexpected.
Actually I was on about memory cards not PCI cards! :lol:
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got to laugh at rollingshutter on a webcam.

guess when lil ones are moving super-fast. but all you may see on these are a strobe l effect video

internet speed differs
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I've always been told that firewire is faster than USB 2.0 because of the way they work. I happen to find an excellent explanation here: http://www.usb-ware.com/firewire-vs-usb.htm
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