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I have about 2 hours of video recorded ( about 100 clips joined together). The video is a avi and I want to put it on a dvd with or without a menu it doesn't matter and I want to be able to play it on my standalone dvd players ....

What's the best way to do this? Which software is required...

**** I do not want to loose and video or sound qauilty at all.. Very important video and sound qauilty stays the same

Let me know ... Thanks
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With Hybrid camcorders today you recieve software, and there are limits to the amount the program can do. Some will allow you to save, to formats, and only burn to a Vcd one.

As what is on the PC that is shipped there may be limints as well you are again limited to what is purchased.

3rd party software/programs, what are the ones you have, to give the members ideas, and help to answer your questions?

I'll use Magix pro movie editer 12 or 14 as examples as I own these, with sony, and intervideo.

when one opens a program you are allowed to import your clips. you follw the instructions, and the program decides the format, DV-AVI is the format for dvd , they will also ask the quality, or time, we choose the highest or shortest, to get the optimum.

a Standard full dvd disk 4.5 gig will hold a hours worth. if you choose time you can get more video , less quality.

it is not hard to fool around , look at the program and see the options of your limitations.

what I like to do is never fill the entire disk up, and keep it 3/4 so when it needs to burn it has enough space.

take the time to find the right program and all works out. just my opinion
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thanks for the reply,

so heres some more detail ... so i have some video from a vacation and i used AVI Joiner to join all the files and that worked good .. no qaulity loss or audio loss. Then I used Xilisoft AVI to DVD to make the avi file into a iso file. I used thehighest settings possible. Then to burn the iso i usedIMGBURN and burned it todvd.


I played the dvd on my dvd player and it worked.Video qaulity.. absolutly amazing ( i used insignia720p hd camcorder ) crisytal clear, great fps.


the soundqaulity is bad. The qaulity while watching the videos before they burn to dvd is good. clear and loud. butonce burned on to dvd.. the sound was crackling and cutting off in some parts.anyone know why this is happening? maybe try a different encoder?

any suggetions?
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What did that program encode the audio as? LPCM? You would get the best resutls if it is Dolby or AC3. Look for that option. Audio dropouts are often the player not being able to keep up with the undcompressed LPCM stream. Most authoring programs have DD 2.0 available or at least MPEG audio. For a free program I have used DVD Flick which will take about any set of files and turn them into a DVD (even Flash videos).

For fancier DVDs and Blu-Rays I also have the "usual suspects" around for those. Note that some like the Magix software gives the stuttering problem if you try to make a Blu-Ray DVD because they don't let you author the Blu-Ray with Dolby (while VideoStudio 11+ does).

With the Aiptek HD camera I have been wondering why Arcsoft bothers to re-encode the video for Blu-Ray (except at edit points) as those files are already AVC? Hence I wind up using tsMuxer to make Blu-Rays of my Aiptek footage. :lol:

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