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NuttySquirrel Feb 13, 2009 4:35 PM

HD D10

The camcorder I bought was the HD D10 from China. It Does carry the "name bag" of DVC.Very similar to the DXG 595v or the HD 8Z I just got the camcorder yesterday, so this is just a quick overview. It shares the same specs. as the DXG 595v and HD 8Z except for shutter speed. The DXG 595v and the HD 8Z use the same shutter speed of 1-1/2000 of a second, while the HD D10 claims 1-1/8000 of a second for its shutter speed.. Besides that, the same basic specs. They all share the exact same case. WARNING!I do not claim to be an expert in the feild of digital cameras, My opinon is that and ONLY THAT. I'm just trying to pass on some info that I have or have found, thank you.

China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Functions: Digital HD Video Camera [/*]
  • Color: Black and Silver [/*]
  • Screen: 3.0 inch flipout TFT LCD [/*]
  • Storage:
    - External Memory = up to 8GB with SD Card (support for SDHC Mode 6) [/*]
  • Max. Resolution: 8 Megapixel (interpolation) [/*]
  • Image Sensor: 5 Megapixel CMOS [/*]
  • EIS Option (Electronic Anti-shake): YES [/*]
  • PC interface: USB 2.0 [/*]
  • Built-in Microphone: YES [/*]
  • Built-in Speaker: YES [/*]
  • Recommended Computer System Minimum:
    - Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista
    - CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz or equivalent
    - RAM: 512MB
    - VGA Card: 64 MB Video RAM [/*]
  • Languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified) [/*]
  • Dimensions: 130mm x 58mm x 66mm (L x W x H) [/*]
  • Power supply: 1700mAh rechargeable li-ion battery [/*]
  • Battery Type: NP-120 style (easily to find Fuji type) [/*]
  • Manufacturer Ref: RV230D6V75X3 [/*]
  • Catalog Ref: Digital Video Camcorder, Hi-Def Picture Recorder, Still and Video digital camera Multimedia:

  • Image Capture:
    - Lens: Wide - F/3.2, f=6.26mm; TELE: F/6.8, f=30.75mm
    - Imaging sensor: 1/2.5" CMOS 5 Mega Pixel
    - Zoom: 5x Optical, 4x Digital
    - Focus range:
    Normal: 45cm ~ Infinity
    Macro: 5cm ~ 45cm
    - Shutter: 1~1/8000 Sec
    - Exposure: EV in 0.5 steps (+2 to -2)
    - TV OUT Format: NTSC / PAL
    - Banding: 50Hz / 60Hz [/*]
  • Camera
    - Capture Format: JPEG
    - Resolution: 3 MP, 5 MP (native), 8 MP with interpolation
    - Strobe Flash: OFF / ON / Auto
    - Additional settings: Self Timer, White balance, Color effects, Night Mode [/*]
  • Video Camera
    - Capture Format: .MOV H264
    - Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080P HD), 1280 x 720 (720p HD), 704 x 576 (D1), 352 x 288 (CIF)
    - Frame Rate: 1080P (30FPS), 720P (60FPS), WVGA (60FPS), QVGA (30FPS)
    - LED Light: ON/OFF
    - EIS: ON/OFF
    - Additional settings: White balance, Effects, Stabilizer, Night Mode
Camera Controls:
  • Primary Buttons/IO Slots:
    - ON/OFF button
    - LED ON/OFF button
    - Flash ON/OFF button
    - Internal lens cover Open/Close switch
    - Playback button
    - Menu button
    - Display button
    - Zoom IN/OUT rocker
    - Video record button
    - Picture button
    - SD card slot
    - HD OUT jack
    - AV OUT jack
    - Mini-USB
    - MIC
    - Speaker
    - Mode select dial
    - EV/Color/Macro/Select pad
    - 4-way navigation pad
Other Features:
  • Great quality 3" flip-out and rotating viewing screen [/*]
  • Comfortable to use; rubber grip and padded hand strap [/*]
  • Includes a macro function to allow you to get a sharper focus on close-ups of your subject [/*]
  • LED lamp for filming in dark conditions [/*]
  • Comprehensive software included for viewing and editing video and picture [/*]
  • The Li-ion battery is a NP-120 type, allowing you to easily find additional batteries as needed
Package Contents:
  • Model CVSEJ-A4402 HD Camcorder [/*]
  • Padded carrying case [/*]
  • Battery charging station (100-240V 50/60Hz) [/*]
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (1700mAh) [/*]
  • AV OUT cable set (red, white, yellow) [/*]
  • HD OUT cable set (YPbPr) [/*]
  • User manual - English [/*]
  • Mini-USB to USB cable [/*]
  • Carrying Strap [/*]
  • Software CD with Presto! Videoworks software
  • Manufacturer and Origin: China [/*]
  • This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 December, 2008
  • I have only had time to shoot two quick movies. One in 1080P and one in 720P
    Here is a link of a short video shot in 720P (60fps) EIS off. It was uploaded under a "free user account". The uploaded video does this camcorder no justice. The Original is much cleaner, for just grabbing the camera out of the box, turning it "on" and running outside to shoot a quick video, it did a decent job. I veiw all MOV. format videos on ArcSoft Total Media Extreme Digital Theater, enhanced with Splendid from my Asus 8800 GTX card. I personaly feelthis veiwer does the best job when showing MOV. files in 1080P or 720P. I have had very little luck with QuickTime and have removed it from my computer.

(Wnd: 20mph/Temp: 18f) (same video that is shown on Vimeo) (Full Version 58mb)

The Video is a little shaky; I had no coat on and was cold! (No EIS, No Tripod)

I will be posting better examples of video in the near future.

Bitrates: (Scan Disk Extreme III Class 6 133x card used) Maxium Seen

1080P 12.63 (30fps)

720P 7.78 (60fps)

Bitrates: (OCZ Gold Series Class 6 150x card used) Maxium Seen

1080P 13.10 (30fps)

720p 8.64 (60fps)

So as you can see the OCZ Gold Series Class 6 150x card out performs the Scan Disk Extreme III Class 6 133x cardwhen it comes to bitrates, which surprised me. The OCZ Gold Series is half the the price of the Scan Disk Extreme III

Average Bitrates:

The bitrate are very impressive for this $200camera. I shot 60 videos, 30 in each "mode" (1080p 720p) to obtain these numbers and used a OCZ Gold Series Class 6 150x card .Remember this camer uses a variable bitrate system, so the bitrate will be different form video to video.In 1080p (30fps)there was a "high" of 13.1 and a "low" of only 11.08 and most of the films were around 11.8 and 12.0. In720p (60fps) there was a "high"of 8.64 and a "low" of 6.03. Most of the videos taken ranged between 7.08 and 7.81. It would be nice to see a higher bitrate on the 720p (60fps) mode. Even with the good bitrates produced by this "low"budget camcorder, the Video Quality in720p (60fps): The HD D10 at times produces some bad colors that look like old "beta" video from the late 70's. Browns and Reds get muted. This seems to happen when filming in direct full sun light.I'm sure that this can be fixed through firmware.

The HD D10 does a decentjob at taking still photos. Its better than the past budget camcorder.The claim of 8MP is useless, because in that mode the picture is imploded by firmware. Meaning that the camera takes a 5MP picture and the firmware decide what it would look like if it was an 8MP picture. Simular to digital zoom. A $120 Kodak will take a better still picture, but these budget camcorders were never known for the picture taking performance anyway.If you think you will be taking more still pictures than video, take a look at the Kodak Z1012, it's a $200 10.1MP budget still camera , that takes video at 720p (30fps) I own one and like it alot!

Overall it's a decent camcorder for $200(plus shipping), I had a Aiptek Action HD, it beats that camera hands down (EIS, 5X Zoom, 3" LCD and more) Low light, its like all other CMOS Hybrids and Clones, they can't keep up witha CCd sensor,but this camcorder seems to bemoreacceptable.After playing with settings, I found in the "setup menu" the flicker frequency was set to 50 Hz, I live in the USA, soI changed to the correct setting of 60 Hz and the low light condition changed?I could be wrong, but I thought theflicker frequencyonly affected the TV output? This camera is now 50%better or more, in alow light condition than my older Aiptek Action HD. An add on light is still neededto obtain good quality videos in very low light areas. The EIS seems a little weak on this camera, maybe it's just my camera?

Likes and Dis-likes, Pros and Cons, Good and Bad, which ever wording that you want to use. listed below are the what "I think"are the Good and the Bad pointsof this camera, WHEN COMPARING IT TO OTHER $200 Camcorder with a CMOS sensor.


Low Light Filming AutoFocus: No lock

Mocrophone/Sound ESI (Little Weak)

Still Photos Storage: Maximum 8GB

Over all construction Video Modes: No 720P (30fps)

1080p Bitrates Software: No ArcSoft?

Is this the same camcorder as the DXG 595v or the HD 8Z? Itshard to say. Each company uses a different description on their sensor and lens. HD 8Z claims a "Japan" sensor, HD D10 claims a "professional grade lens + image sensor" and DXG makes no claim? Also the DXG and the HD8Z use a 5.0meg CMOS and the HD D10 uses a 5.1 CMOS (accordring to the box and manual).The lens and sensor seem to be the same for the DXG 595v and the HD D10 according to the firmware.The only true way to tell, would to have all three in front of you and open them up.

As for as I know the last firmware update was ver. 1.16 for the DXG 595v. The HD D10 comes with ver. 1.20

DXG 595v HD D10**

FW: DVH596-V1.13-UA10* (1) (2) FW: DVH596-V1.20-0919
UI OSD HD Table V1.1 UI OSD HD Table V1.1
Time Jun 11 2008 15:22:30 TimeSepto9 2008 15:56:30
Bin: dvh596.bin Bin: dvh596.bin
Lens: ZP500Z Lens: ZP500Z
Sensor MT94001 Sensor MT94001
Exif Model: DVC Exif Model: DVC
Exif Maker: DVC Exif Maker: DVC

*Updated version is 1.16

(1) As of March 2009 firmware vers. V1.20-0919 is now showning up in the DXG595v according to readers on this website

(2) As of April 2009 firmware vers. DVH596-V1.22-DE01 is now showing up in the Praktica DVC 5.4 FHD

**WARNING Chinavasion does not support Firmware updates
If anyone has a HD8Z, please pass on the firmware info.

HD D10 Links:


thefish (Review: DXG-595V 1080p):

HD D10 vs Aiptek Z700

Link to buy from:


**WARNING Chinavasion does not post all product reveiws on their website. Mine stated, "good decent camcorder, needsbetter EIS, AutoFocus Lock and software, I gave it4 stars out of 5 it was rejected!

Extra Movies:

This movie was shot using a Aiptek Action HD (Non GVS model). . it's just an example of what can been done for around $300. that includes camera $190, SD card $10, software $59 and tripod $25.
Original footage was lost due to a system crash. Recovered with software and the repaired with more software. Re-edited with Magix Edit Pro 14 Plus and then converted back to its original MOV. ArcSoft H.264 format. Show how tough the MOV. format can be . All MEPG-4 files recovered at the same time were "useless, no good" (2/18/2009)

MadeBy ?
SellingAgent: Rich

Supplier Chinavasion

fishycomics Feb 13, 2009 4:42 PM

Welcome aboard Nutt....

excellent shot of the family. they are family.

some are going to say I hear gear noise.

are you hapier with a camcorder hold or a hybrid hold?

there are ups/downs. enjoy

NuttySquirrel Feb 13, 2009 4:48 PM

I like the camcorder hold better, I relieze there are up/downs between the two styles, so I also order a Gixon Z700, should be here next week.

fishycomics Feb 13, 2009 4:52 PM

z700 is theGVS of Aiptek? if it is, Lol enjoy love to hear more

NuttySquirrel Feb 13, 2009 4:56 PM

Yes it is "lol" do you not like the Apitek GVS

fishycomics Feb 13, 2009 6:10 PM

You'll find the GVS/Z700 is a good day time ONLY camcorder

I like it, and at times have my issues with it. I have not yet done my review, till I find the time when all is perfect:G

there are limits to the cam, and additional info when firmware of the correct choice.. for the Money not sure others be willing to have just a cam.

NuttySquirrel Feb 14, 2009 10:42 AM

After playing with settings, I found in the "setup menu" the flicker frequency was set to 50 Hz, I live in the USA, soI changed to the correct setting of 60 Hz and the low light condition changed? The camerawent from poor to acceptable, tomaybe even good! I don't have much to compare it beside a few camcorders that I have owned or used.This camera is now 50%better or more, in alow light condition than my older Aiptek Action HD

chewdog316 Feb 17, 2009 12:03 AM

Thanks for the info here, this actually helps based on the post I made in he other forum. So how did you get this for 200?

DaddySi Feb 17, 2009 2:36 PM

The Praktica version has 5.1 Mega pixel CMOS on the box too. In my opinion, all the cams are exactly the same and all come from the same manufacturer which I think is Vivikai. Incidentally, I totally agree with your comments on Quicktime. It is rubbish. My Praktica came bundled with Presto too.
Did anyone who got one of these cams get a driver with it to allow live input to a PC? The Chinese sites all say that the cam is a PC cam.

NuttySquirrel Feb 17, 2009 10:13 PM


I should correct myself $200 plus shipping sorry about that.

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