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I'm getting married in Costa Rica this May, and I'm trying to find an appropriate camera to bring.

We already have a couple nice SLRs, but we've been wanting to get a compact camera so that we can always have it with us (in a pocket or a purse).

We also have a nice Sony HD camcorder, but it unfortunately broke recently (it still works, but we can't transfer video off of it).

Since our camcorder is broken I figured we should hit two birds with one stone and get a hybrid camera. We want decent video quality, at least an hour of battery life, and at least 10x optical zoom. We also want the camera to take fairly good photos since we'll otherwise end up just lugging our SLRs around anyways.

The main camera I've been looking at is the canon TX1, but tbh, I don't really know what the alternatives are. I looked at some of the stickies in this forum, but there's a lot of info to go through and I figured I was better off just asking since I'm hoping to buy the camera soon. Anything under $300 would be ideal, but I'm open to all suggestions.


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The Canon TX1 is a very nice camera at the low price of $260 us dollars. It has One major draw back, the format in which the video is stored, old AVI. Pretty out dated and not known for its use in 720p HD video. It does use an OpitcalImage Stabilizer instead of an Eletronic Image Stabilizer. The Sanyo HD700 and HD800 are close to this camera in features and price. A friend of mine has an Sanyo HD700 and it s nice, but I would spend the extra $135 and get the Sanyo HD2000. Twice the camers than the HD700. I would not waste my time on a budget camcorder, such as an Aiptek. Its your wedding and its only going to happen once. Sony makes theSony HDR-TG3 about $400 us dollars. Below I have listed some links for you to read. I like Test Freaks website, you will see that there are links to "user" reviews, "expert' reveiws and forum links on each product. please let me know if this info helps or if you need more.

thank you

Sanyo HD700 http://www.Filtered_Due_to_Spam.co.uk/digital-camcorders/sanyo-hd700/]Sanyo

Sanyo HD700 http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=27

Sony http://www.Filtered_Due_to_Spam.co.u...s/sony-hdr-tg3
Sanyo HD2000 http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=92

test freaks website will not allow a cut and paste link? you will need to do a google search to get there, sorry about thatI will find some better links.
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wow, tech freaks is a great site! For some reason I've never heard of it before, but I just looked up some other electronics I need to buy and it was super helpful!

I think those sanyos are all going to be too expensive. I just talked to my fiance and I think the TX1 is even pushing it at $300 :S We only have 2 months until the wedding and there are tons of last minute expenses

Thanks for all the advice so far...are there any slightly cheaper options?
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Have you considered the Sanyo HD100 from Walmart? It's not a true
Sanyo but a rebadged model which is why you won't find it on their website but the video it takes seems quite reasonable. It's only $199 and you still have enough time to test it out if you get one now. Of course that's provided your local store stocks it as not all branches do.
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The TX1's video format is a big advantage, it is bigger (probably around 16GB per hour, so a 32GB card does around 2) but it offers consistent compression quality. This means that it might beat h264 at less than 9mb/s and be easier to play and edit on a computer. However this is an old noisy camera.

Check out the reviews of the HD2000, and any other camera that has at least 17mb/s of h264 (Canon has nice ones too, and quality at least as good as the Sony SR 12). Some new DSLR are getting better.
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Check out the new Canon camcorders just being released

this month the HF s10 and theHF s100 Video sampleand on Vimeo
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That Canon is a lot more than this fella wants to spend.

Check out the Aiptek GVS.

Be sure that your PC meets the camssystem requirements if you go the HD route.

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You can't get any HD video camera which has 10x optical zoom under $300, unless you buy used camera. Cheapest you can get which goes to your budget is 5x optical Aiptek GVS. Check out Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 or new Canon Powershot SX200, they may go slightly over your budget but are offering better picture quality. Did you ask from Sony how much it would cost to repair your camcorder?
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