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Anyone try this video camera and have an opinion? It seems tempting with the recent price cuts Ive seen on it. Would it be OK for teenagers? I got a chance to play with one but I havent ever seen it on a computer screen. I just bought a flip ultra for my cousin and Im wondering if I should get them this one instead.
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I'm giving this camera a shot this afternoon. I'm helping a friend out videotaping her daughter's wedding, but just a few days before the wedding she asked me if I would also handle the audio at the wedding, which put me in a tight spot as to how could I do video and audio at the same time.

When I went to the church last night for the dress rehearsal I had the DXG with me along with a Jazz HD camera and as I was messing around taking some practice footage I came up with an idea. The main camera I'm using is a Canon ZR-930 Mini-DV which I'll have to use at the rear of the church by the sound operator's booth. Up front I'm going to have the Jazz HD positioned back behind the minister at floor level (on the raised up stage) getting a shot of the procession as it comes down the aisle, while the two DXG 567's that I have (local Walmart was clearing them out at $50 each) will each be positioned at the corners getting angles of the bride and groom. Given they'll be stationary I won't have to worry about the jitteryness of the camera's lack of image stabilization, and based on tests last night with just a little color correction via computer the picture quality will be awesome.

BTW - I read on some reviews on other sites that the DXG 567 does not function as a still camera. Far from the truth, it's a 5MP camera that so far has taken some great photos for me. To access the still camera function when you turn on the camera (default is HD) click the joystick once to the right and it goes to Still Camera function.
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