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Default Aiptek A-HD+ 1080P modifications?

Hello to all,

I came across this forum after googling for camera modifications for the Aiptek A-HD+ 1080P, which I just purchased recently (within the last 3 days). I am into making macro bird movies and thought this camera might be a viable candidate, but I am running into some problems that I wonder if anyone has solved.

I'm finding an issue with the white balance setting. Auto isn't quite cutting it for close bird movies, so I have switched to some of the others to attempt to narrow down to better colors. I have had some success, but a custom white balance would sure be nice. Anyone know of such a modification?

The biggest problem I find is with the automatic exposure. If I try and use an external light source to help illuminate birds, the resulting overexposure is terrible. I've tried cutting back to -2 as the camera allows, but many times this isn't enough. Oddly enough, when filming a close bird (say 3" away), the camera seems to respond better if the background is fairly bright- much better than if I have a dark background and I'm using the external light source. I'm guessing that the auto gain control is adjusting to the background more when brighter and therefore the close shots aren't overexposed. Is there any way to disable auto exposure altogether and use manual adjustment? This would be ideal.

Other than the aforementioned issues, I find the camera's resolution shockingly good. A little noisy at times, but that was my idea behind the external lighting to help the camera a bit. However, the problems I mentioned are quite serious and if I can't find a way to address them, I'll probably have to return this camera. That would be unfortunate considering such a great price.

Any help or pointers would surely be appreciated.

Jon Iverson
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