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I suggest a new cardthen andreturn the Kingston. be safe and enjoy. love to see footage. sorry that thecard isa let down if you're keeping this card, mark it so when you place in you know it will not work.
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Would anybody be so kind to upload H5 Extreme 1920x1080p30 several raw .mov files here http://www.megaupload.com ?
I wonder if the strobe effect is realy so big as it was said to me... Those files that I have cannot demonstrate the strobe.
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battery is good?
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The battery lasts at least over an hour and ten minutes in my tests, sometimes longer (pure recording time - with having the camera on without recording, too). I bought a second one for less than 5 Euros, so that is no problem at all.

Raw clips can be downloaded from vimeo for example, I linked to some files earlier in this thread where I wrote my review of the camera (third page of this thread, http://forums.steves-digicams.com/988151-post22.html). For example: http://www.vimeo.com/5844869

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Default AIPTEK AHD H5 Pro Camcorder Have a Extreme Vision

Does AHD H5 have a extreme vision? or a Express Edition?

How much it is, I bought a AHD H5 on the net fews days ago, it cost me $255 with Free Shipping.

Now the camcorder works well, the memory card is well too, have no the "locked" phenomenon
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Hello, unfortunately there isn't much activity in this thread anymore,
but I want to share here some experiences I have made with my Aiptek H5 camera
and on some issues I need a little help from the forum members.
Please excuse my bad english. I'm from Germany like many other Aiptek users.

First I want to report the things which were working:

a) This Remote is able to control the camera.
I bought it from here https://www.aiptekshop.de/product_in...products_id=32

b) Accessing the Firmwaremenu can be done with pushing [M] for menu >
then while holding down the joystick > pressing and holding the photo button for 3 seconds.

c) At the first entry on the firmware page > push the joystick to the right to get
more options (for example activating the mp3 function by setting "MP3Disable" > "Off")

d) MP3 Player entry is available in [M] and backgroundmusic in Photoshow properties.
MP3 files have to be copied to a directory named MUSIC on your storagecard.

e) Because of the missing stabilizer, I'm using a little tripod as grip for my left hand,
with which I'm fixing the camera in a diagonaly angle (45) (not verticaly or horizontaly)
for getting a calm position and disabling microshakings.
With Virtualdub and the plugin Deshaker I'm getting good results too.

f) Trying to fix a 37mm UV-Filter to the camera which has no winding.
Using a stepring 36mm to 37mm which can be screwed with tape in between.
Maybe also working without stepring and a little modification but without the possibility
to remove the filter.

g) At lowlight the nightshot modus seems to be a little noisy.
An alternative is changing the EV values.

h) Editing mov-files is quickly possible with "mpeg_streamclip" but not always...

Now a few questions for which you might give me some advice:

1) In this forum exists a thread about using the camera as webcam by
enabling it in the Firmwaremenu. I've seen that the new Aiptek AHD H250
has a webcam feature. http://www.aiptek.eu/index.php?optio...208&Itemid=456
Has anyone the driver CD from the H250?
At the moment I'm using the H5 with a DVB-T-Stick for Videoconferencing.

2) After editing mov-files it's not possible to play the videofile back on camera.
Only with Arcsoft's OEM-Software the movie can played on camera at TV-screen.
See also this post http://www.arcsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=4869
The H5 bundeled software is only capable to save resolutions with 1440x1280
not fullhd with 1920x1280.
Is there any other software that can edit fullhd and save files for playing
back on the Aiptek Camera?

Thanks in advance...
Greetz Flauticus
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Hello, i have just got the H5 Extreme, and i am amazed by its price vs quality, did not had time yet to test all the features, but i will do it next weekend.

Now, i need to know if there is any lens adapter for this camera, are there any hardware upgrades?

Thank you very much.
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I was thinking in something like this:


And transform it in to this:


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