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Default Video conversion and editing steps?

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering how you guys edit the video's that you make using your GVS or any other hybrid.
Do you convert to some other format/codec first? What steps do you take?

I'm asking cause I'm having a hard time editing my video's in the original 720p 60fps (or is that fields per seconds instead of frames per second?).
My computer is just too slow when editing the files in their original format. Playing them back is no problem using PowerDVD or Quicktime but when editing in vegas pro 9.0 it's just not funny anymore.
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For the record: H.264 is not meant to be an editing-friendly format.. not now, not ever.

H.264 is AWESOME, as a delivery format.

This is because data is highly compressed in a way that can be de-compressed upon playback and the footage would still look good at low bitrates.

All these MPEG-4 variations and AVCHD formats... I would think that by now everyone would have gotten the solution like I did even before getting my GVS.

The key is: Hard drive space is CHEAP.

I run my raw footage using virtualdub and re-encode to MJPEG at 90% quality with uncompressed audio. The resulting file is about 3 times bigger than my original MOV/MP4 from my cameras. However, it's smooth as silk when I edit such files. Computers today (CPU's and ram) have absolutely no problem to edit MJPEG files in realtime.

I do this all the time and I am able to edit 1080P files on my little laptop (2Ghz with 2GB ram).

Of course, I render the results to the same format: AVI with MJPEG compression at 90% and uncompressed PCM audio, and as a final step, I encode my 'delivery' file format (I chose MP4 with h.264 and AAC audio) using AviDemux.

No problems
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editing Hd today is not as hard as it seems, a lot are still with older pc/mac's, and they are not yet updated, thus making things harder. It is also said some of us are still on Dial up, and still cannot afford highspeed as well.
tht is why some have it hard to edit.

AVI was big role play wih filming, made your DVD's from them DV-AVI,

ASF was the economy way, many uses online, and filesize, a lot of cams went that route.

Quicktime was catered to the mac's, and MP4 stil Q side. like the ASF file to me, but believe a different format all together.

now since yes the H264 codec was added, avchd etc, editing is not hard, at all, just we're back to square one, all old software, programs do not work, we all must update. even the pcs. Most do not read the requirements, and think a 800 processor will work, for the GVS, etc, etc,

It is said as well what will you do when the analog signal goes bye, bye, and all becomes digital?

example VCR players no longer recordAired shows, and only way to record air, most ways, are now Tivo, digital recorders.

just my 2 cents, nothing more
update, upgrade cost $$$$ ar the people willing , or they are sacrafricing for a alternitive?
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the info. Actually that ís the solution that I've always used for editing DV tapes. Good call though as it could, without any doubt, be used for H.264 as well. I like the idea of using .H264 as the delivery format.
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