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Default Chinese DV-136ZB camera - sensor type unknown

Hello everyone,

I am working on a kind of hardware mod of this inexpensive (about 42 USD on Dealextreme, don't try to find anything cheaper with shipping to Russia) "video and photo" camera:


Well, the technical specs are on Dealextreme site, I will only add that the camera has a Zoran 6 chip as the central processor, a 32 MB onboard Samsung flash, used when a memory card is absent, and a Samsung RAM chip.

The build quality is quite poor - the flip screen jumps a little, in one of two of my cameras the wire for the screen was not even connected. The soldering quality seems to be good, but only if it is not manual solder, like the battery compartment and the display - the wires drop easyly, like they were not soldered at all. Though, if you don't want to disassemble the cam - you will not ever notice it.

I would not call the camera easy to use - it is too small, and pressing any button during shooting makes the camera jump. As the buttons are located on a side panel, it is not very convenient to press the buttons and watch on the screen at one time.

The camera has a 1280x960 (1.3 Mp) sensor, and can shoot still images with 2048x1536 (interpolated), 1600x1200 (interpolated), 1280x960 and 640x480 resolutions, and videos with 640x480 or 320x240 resolution, with 30 or 15 FPS.

So, here comes the CMOS sensor of the camera. It is equipped with attached to the board lens block (the Chinese say it has 6.5 mm focus and 1/3.5 fixed aperture - which is, to me, quite poor). The block can be dismounted with unscrewing two screws, opening the CMOS sensor in 28-pin CLCC package.

My mod involves working with a sensor, so I want to ask the knowing people of the forum what manufacturer could it be, in order to find a datasheet.

So, I want to determine the mark of a sensor. It has a native resolution of 1280x960, a 28-pin CLCC package, a 4 mm diagonal of the sensor area (approx. 1/6 inch) and the pinout is as follows (there is no key marking the first pin, so I asuume it is the center pin on the top side, and the numeration of the pins goes counter-clockwise):

1 - 1.5 V supply
2 - 2.7 V supply
3 - some not used digital interface, with a pull-down resistor and a not installed resistor (R224) going to the on-board interface plug
4 - unknown
5 - 40 MHz clock signal
6 - FRAME_VALID signal
7 - LINE_VALID signal
8 - SDA
9 - SCL
10 - 2.7 V supply
11 - pull-down to GND with a 10k resistor, and a not installed R226 going to 2.7 V
12 - 2.7 V supply
13 - GND
14 - unknown
15 - GND
16 - goes to interface plug with a 33 Ohm protective resistor ond a 10k pull-up
17 - 10k pull-down
18-27 10-bit digital output
28 - GND

So, does anybody know what could be the type of the sensor?

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