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Default Vimeos sucks! Alternatives?

How are you all doing?? It's been a while since I posted. Hope everyone is donig well! Here is a little rant about vimeo and my efforts at creating a united thread with a collection of online HD and SD video streaming sites, free and pay.

Since Vimeo went to only 1 HD video a week, I've basically entirely stopped using them since then. After myself getting an SD video deleted from Vimeo claming it was a gaming video, which it did infact contain gaming footage, but I had edited it and put music to it, the footage went with the music, they still deleted my video claiming they do not allow gaming footage. When I did a basic search for game titles on their site, BAM tons of gaming videos on their site. WHAT GIVES? I thought. After reading a couple of other articles about people's problems with how crappily vimeo has treated them, I'm looking to move all my content to a better site. I would like this thread to contain these alternatives. I have some but I will add them in another post on this thread after this one.. In the meantime here is a video of me complaining about vimeo on their own site


Now please don't get me wrong, I kinda knew vimeo was doomed from the start, for example, offering totally free and UNLIMITED HD uploading and STORAGE for EVERYONE? Comon'! I mean how can they afford to maintain THAT? And guess what? They couldn't. Now your HD content gets deleted after... umm. a week I think, and you can only have 500 megs upload a week.. or a month? Whereas before it was all unlimited and free. Anyhow I was really bummed about them changing to only 1 HD video a week, that was bad enough, but for them to claim some videos are in violation of their TOS and delete them while they keep others' videos up which clearly are the same types they deleted is just wrong and shows very poorly on their behalf.
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I hear ya
Vimeo is not a pure hd so why upset, ifone wants apure hd site


Enjoy motionbox is a paid site not viddler, or youtube' as far as iwant to go, I placed up a thread years ago , ofall video sites sample video etc.......
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