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Default Youtube is now *BETTER* than Vimeo for HD videos!!

I don't know if this has been posted already or not, but with Youtube now doing 720p HD streaming videos I compared the results to my most viewed video on Vimeo, and the Youtube version is actually BETTER QUALITY!!

The video is 1080p source resolution.
Both Vimeo and Youtube change it to 1280X720
However Vimeo changes the framerate to 23.96 fps but Youtube keeps it the same at 29.97 fps.

Additionally the file Vimeo created is 25.4 megs in size where as the video converted by Youtube is 30.5 megs. I would guess this translates into higher bitrates on the larger file.

Also visually you can see what appears to be slight pixelating in the beginning of the video on Vimeo whereas that does not exist on Youtube's version.

Vimeo Version:

Youtube Version:

You can download the separate flv files here:

(Vimeo Version)

(Youtube Version)

I am very excited about this!!!! After Vimeo changed to 1 HD video a week and then deleted some of my videos claiming that they were in violation of their policies while refusing to remove other videos (see my rant here: http://www.vimeo.com/5517370 ), I've been a bit bitter and really looking for something else. I finally have it! I do like the layout of Vimeo, but not the politics.

Hope this helps!! I for one am very excited about this new opportunity!!!
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You are correct Sir,

the Vimeo 'HD' version of your video clearly display ugly blocks of compression on the video, while the youtube version is clean and smooth too. I guess there is no need for vimeo Plus after all ;-)
That's like.. your opinion man
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Old Aug 24, 2009, 5:50 AM   #3
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I was on Vimeo from day 1. I remember at the time I was working myself in a web startup and I kept thinking 'let's enjoy this while this last because it won't'.

Quite simply they entered a market that only works financially once you scale MASSIVELY - think youtube. You're supposed to start with piss-poor quality and few features to get to market quickly and capture the masses then, as money rolls in, start adding HD and whatever option you want to round up the niche markets.

Vimeo instead took the 'boutique' approach and did everything in reverse. They saw the lack of quality on youtube to be a problem and thought 'oh well if we capture the hd market we'll be laughing'. But they forgot two things:
1) Of course, after people actually started using the service they would have to 'backpedal' pretty bad because they would be incapable of providing the same level of quality service on a bigger scale
2) youtube, with a well established user base, wouldn't have any problem moving to HD eventually in a major way.

So now they hacked and slashed the service features so bad it's basically youtubish in principle - which ironically means they went back to square one. The more they grow, the more they regress and eventually they will have to fold unless they secure more funding.

It's the usual internet startup story of 'young geniuses see service that's popular but sucks techically. Said geniuses create an indentical service but with quality features, then fail because they forgot the bit about actually making money'. Please refer to the thousands who tried to do a 'better facebook' and ended up in a ditch.
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Old Aug 29, 2009, 8:40 PM   #4
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I learned my lesson going Vimeo Plus, worked great for the first 5 months and them it started sliding downhill. My HD videos worked great and then all of a sudden one video of the same format of all my other uploads would no longer convert to the standards of compression they wanted. Get the run around from staff saying that I need to re-compress the video to their upload conversion standards. While the first video uploaded was the same video format.

They have no idea what they are doing. Went back to Youtube and they uploaded all of them with no issues at all and they play great even if they were 1080P they converted back to 720P. Vimeo could not figure it out.

Signed onto Vimeo Plus the day they first offered it Last Oct. Will not waste my money with a renewal.

Save your money, Aviod paying Vimeo for a service they cannot provide.
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Old Aug 30, 2009, 9:25 AM   #5
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Yes I agree at the moment youtube has a bigger edge
I run some comparisons on my site Video comparisons If anyone is interested
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Originally Posted by musket View Post
Yes I agree at the moment youtube has a bigger edge
I run some comparisons on my site Video comparisons If anyone is interested
Vimeo got complacent, so competition from youtube can only be a good thing.

I guess they must be making some effort to fix things though, as my last Aiptek GVS movie uploaded to vimeo with correct sound this time. While this is par for the course when it's free I agree with Jim that when you pay you don't expect previously convertable videos to suddenly not be convertible.
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I don't know if YoutubeHD has actually changed anything. The HQ22 file (30.5MB) shows the same encoding bitrate and settings as a month ago, though I can't tell if they've updated their encoder.

What I do know is that Vimeo uses the VP6 codec, which is inferior to YoutubeHD's x264. Plus Vimeo converts to 24fps, resulting in a further degradation of quality. This, however, means that Vimeo videos actually need less bitrate (because they contain 4/5th the number of frames that the same videos on Youtube would contain).

The pixellation you can see at the very start of the video appears to be an inherent property of the VP6 codec. x264 is better at deblocking.
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