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Default The New Aiptek Camcorder is?????????

OK Everyone its that time of year, when we all put our creative hats on
and submit our favorite features we want on a new Aiptek camcorder.

Here are the features I would like to see on the 2009-2010 Aiptek Camcorder:

1) video resolution of 1920 X 1080 P
2) 10 X Optical zoom
3) full image stablizer
4) Pocketable, smaller than an Action HD.
5) Ability to upload a video clip to YouTube via wifi.(and other video sites)
6) External stereo Mic jack
7) ability to add Wideangle and Telephoto lens
8) manual focus and focus lock
9) remote control
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Here, here, a great idea.

Well, as I am personally contemplating a new 3D camera design that can eventually do 8-32mpixel video with probably best in the cinema industry digital film performance for the price, let's start with a simple stereo 3D 1080p50 camera to take advantage of those new 3D capable TV's filling lounge rooms these days, and the new blu-ray 3D.

11-16 stops+ latitude (multi-slope) outside, 60db+SNR sensor, with little lost fill factor, and 50db+ perfect video at 5 lux. Some cheaper senors can come close enough. 1080p50 at the data-rate that bluray will use, or at least half it. 1080p50, because 50 frames a second can play on all true HD digital TV's and frees up significant data-rate extra compression that really matters for data-rate starved footage in the cameras no in use. Eventually it could become more like the next camera.

They are welcome to email me for some pointers to new technology they would be unaware of.

Next camera level down.

1080p50/60 4 pixel binned camera (unbinned version for larger pads and better performance). 5lux seamless video. Manual controls settable, and settable by user defined presets (including color, separate iris, gain, shutter, focus and sharpening). Histogram and zebra stripes. Auto on off focus for quick focus) Latitude 11-16stops (multi-slope). Wide aperture. 18-24mb/s variable H264 codec. GPS tagging for location direction, angle and hight. Live, uncompressed (pre-compression engine) 10bit plus hdmi/component out. And everything Rob said in the first post, especially the remote and the Microphone input. There should not be a camera in the range without the $1 remote, I know, I have an Aiptek camera without one. There should be a stereo mike - 5.1, input that is flawless across it's range and no distortion, I know, I have an Aiptek that distorts at normal conversation, and is little better with external mike. The mike should be 16bit plus, 96+db SNR and wide latitude. This compares against the older HD2000 (rather than the upcoming versions). So, it will be name brand manufacturers, Sanyo, Aiptek, then the rest, in terms of price comparison.

We have not had a digital still version, that can be used both horizontally or vertically (like a flip or ZX1, but big full length and width screen with information and data down the bottom) and can have media player/Java PDA/games (sun micro system).

Next level down, the same as above but in pistol grip and flat cameras.

Water proof, floating versions for rain, sand, storm and waves.

Next level down, cameras that have 720p50/60 modes at 12-18mb/s+ variable, but otherwise the same features as above.

Very small cameras with 720p50, not quiet as good as above, but settable controls and fixed lens (pen/web-cam camera, bullet/web-cam) with games and media. Please, a light on the front of smaller cameras to indicate that people are being filmed.

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