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Default Hall of Fame winner


Unknown who the winners were. no one followed a guideline

Aiptek I am sure is reading, and wil comment................____]

Guess another video is needed.

When one was told to submit their video to Motionbox.com hall of fame.

visited Aiptek.com, etc...

You first had to sign up, pick your level of membership............

and submit your video,were you told by Aiptek, or found out by searching?

When you submitted all you had to do was enter on the upper right, you saw a pico projector WOW! and followed the sites info

Looks so tempting doesn't it?

When you clicked the upload it directed to to Pick a video / Enter / rules / thank you. So what did one do to submit their Video, the Obvious, clicking "the pick"

You chosen just that Select [hall of fame winner] your best video. the next windows opens up

And we add our info in. Fill it to the best you can. with tte best information you can ever possably do. come on now. And hit that button saying "ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN


And now read carefully and check that box, see that hall of fame page in blue, that directs you to the hall of fame page and you click it you start all over again. showing you all the entries. so checked the box. screen flashs and then I hit he "ENTER A CHANCE TO WIN" button again.

I am set, but Hey wait a sec, what happened to the next tab "THE RULES" never did they display (either contest is over or a different homepage etc)

So you ask Am I entered in the hall of Fame contest to win. well low and behold. Do I have to repeat myself. Where did that page come from, how did it apear, did I know about it, was the site unclear that they started a new one etc.....

Gueesing when one does not look hard enough , they get whats comming to them.

So let me ask again .

Were you under the assumption, that when you Submitted your video you were entered to win a pico projector, and if other prizes.

Did the company contact you, requesting you a submission?

After al lwas Entered succesfully did you ever notice who took control of your video?

your essay

you comments.

So is this contest for real, did one ever win, or will there be another?

Rembering to post a link , and thread , Mid march to start a thread,while I found out prior and posted a earlier one and let go.............

A descussion to thosewho own a Aiptek, and only a Aiptek . what are your comments, rememberAiptek monitors the site.

Are you interested in a new contest correctly layingthe rules out. love to hear.

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