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download a file and test it out that is my advice. stay more to the Sanyo or any Mjor cam, if you're serious and away from the Aiptek.

Ask rgv for a direct file if necessary
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In that case go with the VPC-FH1, a step up from the HD1010. 1080P 60FPS is awesome on the big screen. I thinks pics r really good too, no disappointment there.

Originally Posted by dj33 View Post
Filming is my primary focus as well so one of the camcorders will probably be what I need. If I can get one of the camcorders to take pics comparable to what I've been taking with my 3mp canon I will be more than happy. Although the size and great still pics of the 780is or lumix would be nice I'm afraid it won't have adequate video controls. Plus the xacti hd1010 or cg10 both are fairly small and I like the pistol grip.

I have all hd tvs and I already have a quad core computer set up to back up all of my blu-rays to hd h264 so I'm definitely hd ready. Thanks again for all the advice guys
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While some newer models may do better, but I've been quite happy with both the HD video and photo quality of my Kodak IS Z1012. It has stereo sound and, as long as you don't make quick sweeps of the camera, takes pretty darn good HD video that even after burning to an AVCHD plays back nicely even on my 50" plasma (darker scenes aren't as great, but dedicated pocket HD hybrid camcorders I've tried were no better and sometimes worse in low-light). It's still camera feature set is pretty good as well.
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