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Default Hate to ask - which camera do I need?

I know, a couple of years ago I'd likely have been the one answering such a question but all the models I was familiar with are no longer made.

I've been using a Sanyo CG6 for 2 years now and have been happy with it. But it has two problems. 1) It can't be used on a tripod very well. And more and more I've been needing it on a tripod. 2) It has no Mic jack and so it is hard to use a wireless mic because I have to record it on a separate device.

So.. I decided to go look at the store. I figured I'd look for a device in a more traditional shaped camcorder. That way I'd be sure to have a device that sits well on a tripod. Unfortunately, all of the ones I saw so far had less than 1 MP on the still shot. I don't need a whole lot, but I'd say 2 MP is bare-minimum. And it needs to have some nice features on the still shot like manual white balance.

The other thing is I absolutely DO NOT want one that records in NTSC because I don't want to deal with interlacing.

And lastly.. I need something with a global shutter, which rules out the vast majority of CMOS based cameras. I need a CCD.. Oh and that CCD needs to have good light pickup.

The troubble is, the only ones I have found so far are High-Def cameras and they seem to be in the $500 or more range. I don't need HD, and I need to be in the $300 range..
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As you have just found, those requirements basically rule out every mainstream camcorder/Digital Camera in that price range!

Why do you want a non CMOS camcorder. Do you find the CMOS wobble that troubling or is there a specific application you have it mind where it really would be a problem?

Both my Aiptek GVS and Sanyo HD1010 use CMOS sensors but for what I use them for, the CMOS wobble really isn't bad enough to even bother me.

You may have to end up compromising to get what you want.
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I agree with rgvcam. You cant find a cam with ccd under 300 and i dont think ther is a need. There are good cmos on the market. Like the HD GVS or the Sanyo, rgvcam says.

But hey, whait for the Christmas run, maybe wishes come true.
Best regards

Excuse my english, i know it is not the best.

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