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Ah OK i have seen it on your Videos now. So for me another no go to buy.

Whait for test of the new z700 extreme, but i dont think they changed a lot.
Best regards

Excuse my english, i know it is not the best.

Canon Powershot S95
Panasonic HDC SD-10 with sunshade.
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I forget why I stopped following this camera line exactly, but Aiptek shoot themselves in both feet, well three feet actually (I own a Hi-speed HD that also malfunctions a lot, so four feet, with woeful US support, so five feet, so they think they are a millipede or something).

The first footage we saw from the GVS or the 600 was woeful, discolored, low saturation, low latitude from memory. The 600/700's target and car park footage, that I think Sharkey posted, was dull, maybe noisy from memory, was not convinced on the colorization, and seemed to have aliasing artifacts from memory, now they tell me it was not even full HD. All this, and the claimed data rate, was lower than the 596 (has anybody seen the replacement for this in the shops?) and probably a few new cameras. For the amount of money, it was not worth it for me. Believe it or not, I have only seen the 600 available in Australia, about $170 a few weeks ago being cleared out.

Hopefully the extreme has data rate and video modes to match all the newer competitors, and sensor to match too.
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Default Improvements or not????

I agree with all of you.

The one thing that Aiptek should improve is microphone sound quality.

My Aiptek Action HD, the first one in Canada, makes a constant AF
motor noise.

Its very difficult for me to take another chance and drop $200.00 for a

Z700 Extreme with full HD.

Would anyone know if this Z700 Extreme would have a WebCam
feature builtin?

FishyComics, I believe you should plan a LiveStream show, considering
there is a lot of talk about this new Z700 Extreme.
I would surely attend the show and other would too.

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Originally Posted by RobMtl007 View Post
My Aiptek Action HD, the first one in Canada, makes a constant AF
motor noise.
I have to say that I like the sound on the Aiptek GVS/Z700. The main problem is they overdrive it. For me this isn't too much of a problem as I use it mainly for family use.
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We Wonder if AIptek knows what they're doing. Ifthey started a new section and called it, "The EXTREME SERIES". a lot of www people will not get confused. The AHD pro H5 extreme. is the only Model under AHD series LOL, so in one eyes there is no Extreme Z700, or released as of yet, never said on the market. LOL

Weseen it from WWW people from the IFA 2009 sept show, whatt hey wantto show,, never showing anything but just a few secs.

Maybe in October 13th through, some one wil have the curage to film just a lil more then a peak.

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