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Default Aiptek Z700 Extreme????

Has anyone found an Online shop that has started to sell the
Aiptek Z700 Extreme?
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Well it's not available here in Europe as of yet. Not even on pre-order. Aiptek said it will get released in Oct(in EU). but no sign of it yet. I don't know about US release date. Would it be called a GVS Extreme? Will it ever get a US release?(would be stupid of Aiptek not to as US is a larger market)

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I wonder if they'll release it here in time for the Christmas Period. If not, then I guess it's next year sometime.
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I hear ya, the kodak, andInsignia are already onsale for Christmas purchases, so toseesomething that is not out by now will be a spring edition. that as well the Trio pen cam 170.00 OUCH!
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Old Nov 1, 2009, 9:03 AM   #5
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Default Aiptek z700 Extreme on aiptek webpage


I guess itīs gonna be in stores quite soon, if they have it already on their webpage...
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Old Nov 3, 2009, 4:35 AM   #6
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Default z700 Extreme seems to be available in Europe

z700 Extreme would likely only be available in Europe, right?

The same camera might be available in the US, but likely with a different model name. GVS Extreme, maybe?

Anyway, it appears that the z700 is currently available in parts of Europe, or at least online merchants are taking Euros for it in Germany. I don't speak German, but here's a link.


The z700 extreme is going for 170 euros, which i guess is around 200-250 US



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I've bought the Aiptek AHD Z700 Extreme (Model: "V5Z5FS") - with no intention. In fact I ordered the Aiptek AHD Z700 (= Aiptek Action HD GVS) but I received the "Extreme" version. However, it was falsely boxed in a normal "AHD Z 700" packaging.
(I got out when I tried to update the firmware - the "Extreme" version has no "mode" button but an "Playback" button)

Well, I'm not sure if I should send it back or not. I know that there is Firmware available for the AHD Z700 / Aciton HD GVS which leads to better results when you are filmnmg in low-light situations. Can I assume that the "Z 700 Extreme" is eqipped with such up-to-date firmware? Well I hope so, because until now there is no firmware available on the German Aiptek-website and on the US website the model isn't even mentioned.
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