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Default Aiptek PocketDV T300LE review (fairly useable lowlight)

I just bought on eBay a black Aiptek PocketDV T300LE (case bottom name "DZO-V50S") with broken battery contact. This model is basically just a Aiptek PocketDV T100LE with 5 megapixel (i.e. sharper digital zoom), additional video mode 720x480, lens front pane and 2.5 inch swivel screen. It was also released with pretty silver-red metallic case.

Despite it has behaviour and most flaws common with the T100LE (see there), surprisingly the lowlight performance is noticeably better and halfway useable; the annoying fully black areas are mostly gone and it can see now e.g. the white frame of my TV set in the living room. Also the internal LED video lamp does not overexpose close objects anymore and is now visible some meters away, which turns it into a useful feature. The picture seems to be slightly more greenish (less red) than with T100LE.

The hardware is very similar like the T100LE. Even the mainboard name is the same. Only the CMOS sensor and lens differ; the lens shimmers metallic red instead of brownish; possibly it works like cat eyes with an internal reflector layer to improve light sensitivity. And it has now a protective front glass. (If you dismantle it, watch out that this model has one solder joint (GND?) between sensor PCB and mainboard.) Despite there are 2 annoyingly strong magnets in the case to detect the screen position, they here make only weak fields outside so long the screen lid is closed (i.e. in pockets etc.) Only the surface under the open screen is very magnetic.

Annoying is that at least my specimen has dozens of bad pixels, those decorate the picture particularly in "smart zoom" mode with a red, green and blue starfield like from the ancient Galaxians arcade videogame. It also seems to need stronger batteries; it immediately turns itself off and resets as soon I try to record video with batteries (NiMH or alkaline) those are semi-empty or have too high internal resistance. Low self-discharge NiMH are strictly recommended because others fail after few minutes. The reason may be that the CPU clocks higher to handle the higher data rate of the 5 megapixel sensor. (I hope this is no faulty chip in my specimen, however my Jenoptik digicam is similarly picky.)


Basically the flaws correspond to the T100LE (missing file date stamp and no photo playback zoom are unacceptable) and it needs much better batteries, but thanks to the here not totally catastrophic lowlight behaviour I rate the T300LE at least a useable product. Its nothing great, video jerks and smears a bit, but it works. And since it runs on standard AA batteries, it needs no special (potentially explosion prone) lithium rechargeables.

The manual mentions that only "11 megapixel" (i.e. genuinely 5) and "10 megapixel" (genuinely 3) versions of this camcorder exists, those seem to correspond to T300LE and T100LE. Thus the many other name variants of Aiptek camcorders with this case style may be technically identical and only differ in screen type and presence of MP3 player (LE models seem to be without).

-Can anybody confirm this?
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