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Default A quick look at the Kodak Zx1 insides

Noticed no one nhas done a disassembly of the Zx1-so here's mine.

I disassembled my Kodak Zx1 to show everyone its internals:

As it is in working well, I did not disassemble it any further.

It only took about 3-5 minutes to dissasemble it enough to reveal the internals-here's what I found about the internals:
  • The 2 halves of the case separate very easily without the need to release any catches.
  • The Kodak Zx1 manly uses soldered connectors with a few locking type connectors.
  • The lens is attached to the main board.
  • One IC on the underside of the top board is marked "AT1415A"-for which I can't find any information about that IC.
  • There's a small rectangular board in the battery compartment that uses soldered connectors.
  • Uses a Ambarella A25 A1 RH chipset for image processing.
    A Ambarella chipset is used in at least the Zi8 and the Zx1.
  • Also the mic appears to be held in place by adhesive, it seems.

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Always interesting to get a glimpse of what's inside these devices. Thanks.
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I've just got one of these for a project i'm working on. 49 for a portable branded 720p video capture device can't be missed even if I do end up breaking it.

I want to record some mountain biking footage but due to the camera being quite bulky it shakes like a leaf when mounted on the handlebars. So am I wondering if it's possible to disattach the lens and run a cable to the camera which would be securely fixed. I believe as the lens is so light it was dramatically reduce shaking and improve the video quality.

Is this possible in anyway?

Here's a picture of what I would like to acheive

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