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Default I need a new Digital Camcorder mine died

Just looking for some suggestions, my DigiLife DDV-V3HD Camcorder is done, I need another one with similar specs that will last longer..

here is the thread explaining what happen to it


any suggestions for a similar replacement? It does not have to be a hybrid not interested in taking pictures with it, just video...

thanks in advance

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How much are you looking to spend? DXG has a couple of waterproof ones called the Sportster, soon to be available, a 1080P version and 720P, both between $100 - $120. Can go up to 10ft under water.

For one now, I bought a Kodak Playsport, also waterproof and 1080P, sale on Amazon, $130 + 8GBSD card (expired). It's pretty good, although not as good as my Aiptek GVS that I gave to my dad (only digital zoom on Kodak, but makes up for it being waterproof). There's quite a few out there but if you're going to go cheap, Aiptek, DXG and Kodak are fairly safe picks, I've owned products from all 3 and they all do a decent job, Aiptek probably being the best of the 3.
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There are bargains out there if you know where to look. I just got on eBay a like-new Aiptek Hi-Speed HD camcorder for $44.99 plus $6.99 shipping. Like any other cheapo HD camera, the low light sensitivity is poor and the built-in microphone isn't very good, but it does good quality 60 fps 720P video and has an external microphone jack.

If you don't need HD video, you can get a great bargain on a standard definition camcorder instead. I recently got on eBay a Sony MiniDV tape camcorder for $66 plus shipping, and it has outstanding low light sensitivity and excellent audio quality.
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thanks for the info, yeah i dont really want to spend more then $100 just want something that will last, not like the last camcorder...
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For under $100 that will quite limit what you can get. I saw on ebay a few JVC picsios listed as new for under $100, 1080P 30 fps and 720P 60 FPS. I downloaded a raw video from vimeo and played on my HDTV, looks pretty good. As far as longevity, I have an old JVC mini DV camcorder that still works if that means anything. Any other brand you'll probably have to buy used or refurbished (I don't mind either myself). If you get off ebay and use the Bing cashback, you can get additional 8% off, not much but better than nothing.
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Hey Getsomedave,

I'll tell you,don't be in 2 minds,Just go for Kodak ZI8 HD! Though $179 ...........Value for money!
Only buy HD camcoder as High definition videos are present and future technology and carries rich detail when compared to DVD resolution which is outdated.

Here are links to a few articles comparing the budget pocket HD camcoders,




My Kodak ZI8 records crisper and sharper videos which is best among all the pocket HD camcoders and very durable. I beleive this is a master piece from Kodak.

Regarding the features of the Kodak ZI8 that differentiates from its closest rivals like Flip Mino+Ultra HD,creative vado HD,Samsung HMX-U10,Sony Bloggie (these are other pocket HD camcoders available for <$200) is,

1) Electronic image stabilisation-not as good as optical image stabilisation but will compensate for your handshakes to some extent.Something is allways better than nothing.
2) Macro Mode for very close stills/videos.
3) Full HD 1080p(1920x1080) + bundled,a free HDMI cable( $25) to go with it.
4) Expandable SDHC slot up to 32GB but the SDHC card is not bundled in the package.
5) External Mic Jack but internal Mic is OK.


6) Very simple user interface for begginers.
7) Hot design in 3 attractive colors-Raspberry,aqua,Black.
8) Constant support from Kodak in form of firmware upgrades.(Kodak ZI8 full review series thread in this forum has every bit of information about the ZI8- thanks to fishy and its contributors.).


9) $179 at Amazon when I purchased way back in december.


10) Better low light sensitivity but has very good outdoor performance.

When you buy a SDHC card, buy Transcend class 6 16GB.


Also buy a Pentax KLIC 7004 spare battery $2+shipping at amazon.


Most of these features were lacking in its closest rival the Flip Mino+Ultra HD.
When it comes to a winner among the Budget Pocket HD camcoders allmost all articles published over the net vote for KODAK ZI8 (Undisputed King).

I am just a very content and happy owner of the Kodak ZI8 and have no complaints about it.

If you want to save some bucks go for the Kodak Playsport. It is basically a downgraded ZI8 which is compact and waterproof.


It lacks,

1) Macro mode.
2) External Mic.
3) Flip off USB port.

Its newly integrated features are,

1) Waterproofing upto 10 foot depth.
2) Rugged design,hence the durability is increased.(example in case of an accidental fall)
3) Just $149 at Amazon ($30 cheaper than ZI8)


Just check vimeo.com for Test video clips of Kodak ZI8 and Playsport.Log in with a name and password and you should be able to download them. See it for yourself and decide!

Best of luck!

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