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Default Need help with Power Director 8 Ultra


I use Power Director 8 Ultra by CyberLink.

When encoding a 720P HD video in length of about 2 minutes and 15
secs outputing it in a WMV format it comes at about 100megs in size.

I tried other formats, AVI, Mpeg 4, etc and they are over 100 megs.

Power Director 8 Ultra WMV setup is encoded at 6000 Kps bitrate.
That is the lowest bitrate that I can use.
This results for me a video file size of about 100 megs, YouTube will only allow 100megs of video upload.

Can anyone suggest me a program that I can lower the bitrate of the
WMV video.
So that I can upload more video on YouTube.

I tried Super but it keeps crashing all the time.
Any other suggestions, like Windows movie maker, etc?

Regards Robert
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100 MB seems wrong.

I don't see how a video that short could ever -- even with WMV HD encoding -- yield a file size that big.

Something isn't quite right with this.

A typical WMV HD 720p file even at 6000 should be much smaller.

I'm afraid I can't think of why you would get that kind of output, however.
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Have you tried MPEG Streamclip?


It's free.
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I have PD7V, it seems notto have qt.mov settings LOL. dam version I have limits everything le or de sux.

96.3 meg just a raw clip. does not matter shuld jump dow to 46 mb

If you're going to add titles and transitions etc, etc the time will take longer, and the filesize will be larger.

But still qt.mov-to wmv of the same to lesser should always be smaller , raw -to raw. not raw-to edited with modifications.
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