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In another topic in these forums, someone asked what dv cams are available with image stabilization. I posted the following reply, but I thought it belongs to be posted here also.

Digilife DDV-6000
Digilife DDV-S670 latest production models only
Digilife DDV-720 / 7000

Aiptek DV5700 / IS-DV

Aiptek MVPR

Sanyo Xacti

Samsung Miniket

Panasonic SV-AV100

The JVC Everio models have image stabilization, but they are MPEG2 cameras, not MPEG4.

I'm surprised image stabilization is not specified for the Sony DSC-M1.

The Digilife DDV-720 is unique in also having a remote control. The Digilife's and Aiptek don't have optical zooms. 5mp versions of the Digilife are due out this summer.

You can get post-production software that has the same end result (and probably does the same thing) as built-in IS. The Sanyo Xacti C1 came with IS software, rather than integrated.

I trust you know that because of how it works, digital/software IS narrows the field of view and costs some image quality. Well worth it, but it's also worth turning off when you don't need it, like when using a tripod. On my DDV-720, the digital zoom won't work when the IS is turned on. Probably not enough memory to store both subroutines at the same time.

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the creative divi cam also has Image Stabilization but its i guess its kind of useless unless i dont know how to use it right:?.
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The list above is badly outdated, but the Hybrid List mentions it if a camera has Image Stabilization.

There's not much to using it, other than turning IS on or off, and being aware that digital IS will decrease the field of view and cost a bit of sharpness.
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sg as you know the site will be up for one whole year i had brought back just a few topics. happy 1 year mod SG

that was all this was about to bring some old topics up.
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