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Fishy the box states w/ mac .... upload only support is given.

I thought this would allow the recording to be loaded onto the computer.

But with that being said, I put the CD in and I can't seem to get the driver to do anything.
**Edit I got the files to down load to my Mac, all seem to be good except the movie files which are in ASF, I need to see if I can find something that will read or open that type file. Photos and sound clips work good.

When I took the cam out of the packaging, First thing I notices was the little screen is scratched pretty bad, makes me wonder if they recycled it from a returned unit at the factory.

also mine has the earphone symble on the case but under the fold out screen is nothing
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Like I said it is not for a Mac and isstated on the box it is, you cannot place the software in like you tried? you'll needaconverter software that sux. U may already atated that in this or theolder review, and other topics, just not explainingitwell ( caffeen)

2nd there is a plastic screen protector it is a film? did you remove that , mine isstill hanging on from day one. So if it is a scratch then I go back but i bet it is an overlooked thing.

also you may want to check the lens out as wel they place the protective film on the box, and not the lens. I did thiswith the IS-DV2, and I filmed with the Ispan ddv-920 for days before I noticed this?

The ear peice, will tel you it is a better version

the webcam as well

but your Firmware is the ultimate test

If it is firmware 1707 you got the best model around sweared by Aiptek
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