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rgvcam Jul 14, 2006 11:20 PM

I purchased it for $119+tax

Have been playing with it this evening. I haven't had it long enough to really see how it's video compares with my old IS-DV. It looks similar quality so far although I noticed the IS-DV2 has a slightly lower bitrate of 2.4Mbps as against 2.74Mbps for the IS-DV.

The LED video lights are quite bright and seem to light up the area 2 or 3 feet in front but when you see it through the view finder and on the video, all you see is a circle of light which sort of makes it useless really unless you need to video something in a very small area. I need to experiment a bit more with and without this to see if it really does make adifference. It does light up my sons face but that's all it seems to do.

The LCD is smaller than the IS-DV but does the job. My main complaint is that the LCD does not swivel. This makes it awkward when using it at chest level but it is something I could live with if it come to it.

The flash has the red eye feature of doing a preflash but there appears to be no way to turn off the red eye function when not needed.

The nighshot is useless if you shoot video, as the framerate drops so low, everything does a slow motion impression.

Also what it is with manufacturers today and sound volume? The audio from the inbuilt speaker is too low to be of any use but in a quiet room, and to be fair, this was a problem on my IS-DV as well and even my Minolta F300.

The low audio was a problem with the mp3 on the headphones as well. The volume is comfortable in a quite room but in a less quiet environment, you cannot increase the volume any further. I guess this must be due to fear of being sued since this I have noticed output from devices in general are lower these days than they used to be. It certainly isn't a power issue, as I have an mp3 player with 1 AAA battery that is louder. Of course I have already said that I view mp3 on a camera as a gimmick, but I thought I would test it to see how it performed.

One minor advantage over the IS-DV is that like the MPVR it will take 2GB SD cards but a 1GB card is enough for 80 minutes of video at the highest setting which is more than enough for most situations, you are probably going to use this device for. Plus there is a lot to be said against having 'all your eggs in one basket' with a large SD card.

I need to play with it more in the daylight to get a fairer idea of how it performs and to decide whether its a keeper or I will take it back.

fishycomics Jul 15, 2006 8:27 AM


style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Congrad's on your find, The IS-DV2 was released in June 3 days before fathers day, and expected t oarrive on target's shelves soon after. So we can nowsay it is out there.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"As for the IS-DV2 being hte upgrade for the IS-DV I believe it is the Upgrade for the 3500,4500, and 5900, more likely the 5100se, they all resemble the design. looking att he camera it is a verticle tpye, not a horizontal type as the is-dv is of ahorizontal type.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"When I first noticed the IS-dv2, and the zoom-dv6, the l.e.d.s. are too close to the sensor, that will casue ring glare,

as the flash still needs better improvement it is still small, the Is-dv had been improved andtakes a great flash, over other models, aswell as the MPVr being a slightly bigger one. they claim 3-6 feet is the distance. some can get lucky t oget 15 feet inwith certain backgrounds otherwise. not a professional strobe flash, they call them flash lights when introduced, back then.

the LED or leds lie I said wilglare , rather improve night shot if Aiptek made an led design that had a magnifyer on it to point out and narrow its beam it may work. but it's to close to the lens a matter a fact it is almost sitting on the lens, it needs a 1 inch clearance. I would preferre to have 1 led and 1 infrared sensor. maybe that would be the resolution?

You ar saying the tft -lcd screen is a whoppin 1.5 inch on the is-dv2 and the is-dv is 1.8 inch? both are wuite smal compared o the other model. that makes it extremely hard to see in daylight and especially on a single axel. I preferre a swival over a solid screen. does the screen open pas 90 degrees say about 110 degree?

Nightshooting is never going to be fixed. My motto " no light no vid' and ' light on subject, or object will vid"

You will get excellent nightshots ona subect, or object if light is thrown on them from an outsource not thecameras source. and rodfather isvery diss'ed aboutthis as he placed a sample up but should have edited with software to see if he can improve it?

up to 2 gig cards are fine, I preferre to see how long these 2 aa batterries will last, and that will decide what size sd card to have.

I am sure you will be placing up sample vids of all situations to share, and somesnap shots.

As the Camera is available at at 129. plus

we'll be looking foward to your comments andcomplaints aboutthis camera. for me it is not on my shopping list, at all. i preferre to go foward with abetter camera or camcorder , rahter drop down to a lower standard

when the Is-Dv drops to 79.00 it will be a steal.

rgvcam Jul 15, 2006 9:28 AM

I may yet return this and get the MPVR from bestbuy while they are still $119 but before I decide I will take some more photos and video. I'll post more later.

fishycomics Jul 15, 2006 9:46 AM

it is a wise choice to decide on .

aa systems I like better, last longer, li-ons are supposed to be better , I still need to believe that. looking foward to your testings?

fishycomics Jul 23, 2006 10:16 AM

took a strol in target today. All quiete there.

there were empty spots for the mpvr at 149. sold out

there were empty spots for the is-dv at 119 sold out

there were an emptyspot for other model all sold out

If I were to try to get one. i'll bewaiting a long time there .

so either these cameras are still selling just fine, or not.

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