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welcome to the IS-DV2 review open

IS-DV2 review page more on a personal review click me

Comparison vid and stills Click me mpvr, and Mustek dv4500

Battery test with vid and rresults click me to go to the link

Members RGVCAM, and SHELDED are credited, and are owners of the model, if still own at time.

This camcorder is used for testing Purposes. and will be not abused in any manner this camcorder is not of a sales or promotion to anyone, it is a review of comments, and complaints , gather your information, research, and decide if its for you?

Excellent starters camcorder with newer features for today. rate from 0-5

price started at 129.99 sells for 99.99 and lowest to date 79.99

Price 88. at target 3/2007

Rating 3 out of 5

Aiptek Is-DV2 6 megapixal model also know as the pocket dvT100exportitem

Aiptekpocket T300 12 megapixal. export model soon to arrive.

Aiptek site for specs, and info click me Please visit site for full specs and review of these camera or camcorders.


We'll talk about the Package, looks and description in this section. We'll get into the camera in different sections and talk, show vid clips and photos. please enjoy the review.


Camera Purchase spots. Online, local Electronic Stores, and Auctions. retails at 119.00Start point camera will go down as low as 88.00 ,as close outs or sales items. And go high as 139.99 Target is the Location in the USA, and Aiptek website. if avaiable (different pkg box) Selected Target 99.99 7-27-06


Section 1.

From the store to the Home: getting it out of the box .

1A. Target stocks a quantity of hybrid camcorders, best shop date tuesday for me. One left on the locked hanger.

2A. see left pic, As I display a brand new Unopened pkg, I take a scissors or knife and carefully open the side of the pkg, sometimes if the plastic is dry it will seperate easy, . Please be very careful if a child is going to open, an adult should be in present. On the box, will say what the camcorder is capable of doing.

A. Designed for windows XP stamped clearly front and back. it will support win 98se Win ME, win 2000, and MAC support file upload only no other.

B. IS-DV2 is a 6-n-1 camcorder with [email protected] NIGHT SHOT ( video, and stills)and VIDEO LIGHTING ( video filming)for low light situations.

2B Out of the box, laid out see right pic. Inspect your product. do not attempt to just plug and play,Just be careful batteries face correct way, and sd card transfered manually to pc . noteDo not pull sd out in record.

in pkg You will notice Two (2) straps ( by error), rca vid/aud left/right cable. usb (4 pin) cable mini usb/reg [email protected]usb2.0, ear buds a set of Airdeer alkalines(2)AA batterries,manual in English (seperate in other languages.)cd and warranty /regerstration and the BLN60011749 number pkg number matchs all numbers. It is Version 1.0

Excellent inspection, bubble wrap behind the camera, you have all plastic film on the tft screen, front aiptek label and across the mid section as well above the tft screen outside no film on lens( always double check there)

Note* while paying close attention on the box there is the lens Protection stuckclearly 4 inchs to its left of the lens, off to its side? as I also mentioned extra strap.

Firmware will have to work out on of finding the proceedures to read what we have. stay tuned for that. thre is a sequence and not known at the time.

3A Front view (left side). lens shows lettering 4x smartzoom ( improves image seperate from digital zoom) 8.3mm f3.0 . Two yellow l.e.d.s with a backing . Like looking into a dogs eyes when light hits them. a mid size flash. same size as the 1st IS-DV, and bigger then the 5300? You'll notice reflection of red. grey body is not shiny . Big hands will not block 100% of flash but may find it leaving the fore finger and pinky off its hold. ( talk later on about holding the camera).

3B Side view right picAiptek symbol proudly show, in an UNLIT manner IS-DV2 not going to be noticed. its the brand. Machro/People switch, nicely placed not big enough on the icon , but in a black fashion. gunsmoke grey side .

4A Back view see leftpic 5 buttons from 1 green soft led light (pinhole size) blinks when in record steady when on, only green.vid record, up, down, mode, menu with the rubber cover for sd/mmc card and miniusb. an exposed av Jack (output only)( ear peice tv out). too much grey for my eyes the record buttonsticks out squared while the other buttons are more likea candy dot the external speaker is located with 12 exposed holes for sound while 34 are closed the seaker diameter will be smaller than a dime. still producing good sound if heard. battery cover is to be pulled down with sturdy feal, good snap to it.

5a left pic rear view with an open tft screen the screen is a 1.5" tft lcd with batt's in the screen is an auto on/off ,No swival straight 90 degree spring open and close. no play or ,p3 buttons

5B right pic camcorder opened lcd side. Inside realy plane and simple inner button VIDEO LIGHT on/off need a magnifyer glass to read it? It is an on/off switch as well hold for a longer time(3 sec's).machro/infinity(people switch) above is a strap hole.

6A leftpic front opened again no visable on light of the Aiptek stamp and leds are spaced at a good 3/8 inch centerd apart. Self timer light are the two leds as they flash 1 per second and screen counts down flash is a 2 short burst with a 3rd fullf lash (lack power) red eye reduction.

6B right pic top view two screws a pic button (excellent placement for right handed people)( left handed hard) mic is more to the center to the leaning left with 3 holes center circle is the wrists trap holder. Picture Button also acts for deletion key and or select.

7A left pic A battery capartment is show with its markings shaded too dark but can tell which direction to place. metal tabs arebigand got a secure snap for tightly holding a battery.

7B as a set of batterries are shown they are rechargables at 1.2vdc a fine fit they are they keep seperated by its notches.

8A left pic. camera angled and showing most of the cables, sd card and rear slot exposed weather protected to a certain point the rear rubber cover closes and covers it mini usb and sd/mmc card

8B right pic the Bright led at hyper white are in an ON position fully functional,

they are turned on either within the menu or side panel inner button.

Overview how the camera looks from the store shelf to out of the box.

At the store, when no crouds are around Priceless, getting from point A to b excited and hope no traffic. now at the house. opening and viewing it in hand, It has a good feal to it not slippery nor plastic, even though it is maybe the oils are still fresh. if a metal case It is over the topic closed (lol) it realy looks good two toned and super small the higher end model the MPVR is taller and slimmer. while other, and older styles, this reminds me of my Mustek same size different type of stand or hold to it, and that works for my Big hands and little time to realy say. It does not bother me at all and got a good grip when in a daylight situation not a problem in a hold, if at night must adjust to a different grip if a flash is used vid or still. The camera passes in flying colors for design, but fails for lack oflittle features missing for example a logo light (DXG, hanshing), no swival, I am sure there are more but we'll leave it at that for now.


Section 2basicfeatures. in Video,and or stills.

Please click the words that say "CLICK ME" all vids are under 10 secs

1. Start up click me This is the intial turning on of the camera

2. tft screen view click me This is the view of the screen while on.

3 Ledvid lights lit click me This is the leds in the on position

4. vid lights lit in daylight click meThis is the vid lights lit on the monitor to show that they will light up and shine.

I am Sure I could have placed more info here MP3 and voice These are not a great concern . Most screen shots wil be hard to see as the tft screen is only 1.5 inchs it is hard to see even in Pure daylightor in a room poitingto a lower lit stiuation Grey background and silver lettering not a wsiechoic for menu ofswitching from playback,mp3 voice, camera. Switching for pic or vid setting example like vid res night mode wb etc is lit in yellow a better choice but hard on sore eyes to view.


Section 3. night video shooting Indoor situation

1A night video lighting. click me.

Here is a dark situation a low light of a closet there are items in there, a heater etc. This vid was shot with a Jvc gr-d395U,the camcordertakes excellent night video. . This video shows from the camcorders eyes. the IS-DV2 filming w/o any type of modes. then you see the actual footage. you then see the led and the actual footage again, and a better view point, i will correct if neccessary due to hand in way of turning leds on.

Night mode is offered No Purple haze.

1B night mode on click met

his vid will display my heater dull for sure.

1C night mode and led on click me

this vid displays my heater andshows the led's are in Perfect working order.

stay tuned for a room shot coming soon

Overview In a Low light situation like this The camera lacks its filming range SHutter, and led did not correct itself, but does not blur the lens. Further into our review an Outdoor video will change your mind and a bigger interior shot as well The night mode will not Haze the video in PURPLE like the MPVr. Most Hybrids out there lack low light situation. Please keep viewing anddecide on other shots in nightime in section 7

Section 4. Camera features.

Here we will look at a number of features, hand grip

1. left pic left hand, right pic right hand. these are a few ways to hold your camera. not going to get in great detail big hands are not that bad with this but slender and smal; ones yes perfect. wrist strap may be a a longer one as it could have been better placed (not used at the moment)

2. Just some on screen displays

upper left is the actual icons hard to see,on the camera itself.Battery is displayed in an inner yellow, do not allow to get to low battery. upper right easy to read display Wil have to postin an actual record or snap shot(while taking a pic or video)as a light blue is readable if against a light background, may be hard to see or screen size is small. mid left. and lower left,right are your mp3 voice etc. mid right has a histogram. excellent feature for professional shooting.

3 photo choices 10 photo choices even though you see Nine the O is no frame shot. once you take a shot it is no reversing the pic.

All in all the features are realy simple to operate, use the small button that says mode in grey on grey. choose with the zoom up or down and again kit menu to complete. (vica verca if I made an mistake on this) it is not hard to get used to these features
andthe icons


Hand hold it is not bad find a good position nd keep to it, everyone has prefrences. The screen shots are very hard to view But can be seen on a 42 inch screen a lot better than a 1.5 inch preferre to memorize when need to switch from camera to setting, but camera to its manual setting it is in yellow a lot better but again hard on eyes. The photo frames are great editing toolsdo the same. the two in one feature not shown is a pleasure to use you can snap a left side andadd the right side in only at that time not at a later period so if you needed to snap a pizza shop, then a bakery and not waste two shots its perfect. mp3 shows the songs track and possabl its title not in full. again to small for my eyes. voice and otherfeatures are just other common features not needed to talk when thevid and still are the issues.

Section 5 BatteryLife 3 hours garranteed on a full charge.

As I start my test I charge a set of Panasonic 2300 series in standing on a trickle charge. that means a low volt is always keeping it at top level.

1 I place in my batt's, and turn on the camcorder feature with a 1 gig card.

2. I film my tv in action .and hit record. check back from time to time

3. 1st indicator drops around 2 hours plus . When you are on a non stop recording no indication of battery drop.

4. at 2 hours plus a nother drop, and at 3 hours , just about low battery, Quickly stop recording , if not camera shuts off within 10 secs. You'll either have a saved vid, currupted file, and lose all video. there are ways to getthem back.

5 test is complete and very satasfied with 3 hours minimum time.

Overview Batteries Must be fresh for maximum power. If you use alkalines they will get less time rechargable a longer time. battery life can be optimized by consuming power

no flash which will use more power consuption. Do not use the flash always keep it off it is not worth using to begin with. led will also eat batt life up.

A test is needed for that 30% battery life andan estimated 1hr 25 minutes with leds. it's best t o allow camera to turn on andof when needed if not setthe auto off to 3 minutes you'll need not worry with replacement batts on this model.

recommenda spare set carried with you at all times. a member used a Li-On system and forget his charger lucky a Local helped him charge his battery. in this case any local store carries desposables.

section 6 still picture taking

comparison still click me

Here we'll take various shots of Pictures using some of the features " auto sunny cloudy special effect. Smartzoom Vs. zoom and more (preferre camera to choose) (icons to hard to see)

1.night pictures the area is well lit to my eyes, camera should accept the pic if light is present. 40 feet away both shots

left pic is of a Channel news van setting up, can you tell?

right Pic is a city hall shot and yes it's in my other review as well w/o the walking signs, it is deffently well light windows have full light in there 1000 watts minimum.

2. outdoor pics at night A bar with colorful deco lighting,Flag is well lit and has motion. These two shots should have brillent colors, and stick out like a sore thumb.

3. night shot regular shot and 4x digital zoom. shot is a good intersection and 100 feet above. left pic cropped. right pic is cropped and at full 4x digital zoom. with the pictures not cropped it is the same in full view. detail is in the picture can see writing but unreadable, even in ful zoom you notice the person is within reason and pixaalation to a minimal.

4. night shot reg shot smart zoom at 4x digital. here you will see the same Picture as above (in no. 3) and The Smart Zoom feature used. you may not notice it in the review but it says CBS and armada it can be made out. It is deffently clearer as you may notice. is it a Billboard or plasma?

Now we'll move into the Dusk hours, the ski is getting lit up and 100 % visable.

1. left pic. is into the daylight sun going to rise but no where in sight 5 am there is a big tree anda cloud with landscape in the background.

right pic is the day light behind me and you see a church in the pic again at 5 am hour

2. Pic below, light on A gas station with the landscape at 5:30 hour around the lit area the Undercover or HomeLand officer is working, lower left, the lower right car is in motion and the center light and car is in a stand still.

We'll look into inside shots with various lighted conditions while we are still with the first and most important part night pics.

3A low light video with flash click me

Two Important shots that may help you why the flash is needed to be within range requirements. the Video you willsee in the above 3b. is of the Aipteik IS-DV2 and Aiptek MPVR you'll see how the IS-DV2 proforms and shows the flash at its fullest. If a light meter was on the flash I say 60% filled. if on the MPVR I say 100% . As you see the PIcs below (on top) is the flash without features, just the flash, Below (bottom) Nightmode added and correction was in perfect order. taken the picand brighten up to its peak proformance.* important to decide when the flash and night mode to be used . night mode must be used with No movement or blurring occures

3B. Inside shot conditons Flouresent lighting around area. standing 10 feet from the back of the engine the Picture has a soft look, a green engine, and centered on it.

4. Inside shots in Low light conditions. light, no light ,flash etc. Flashin working order agreat dissapointment here. due to an opened room. light just been absorbed.

Please see Below or go directly to No.6? Below are 8 shots YES! And may be very dissappointing

from the left upper left is a room with the engine focused on the center there are lights but will not see at all in the pics. uppermid left moving 50 % closer, upper mid right 50% closer and on top of units with THE FLASH ON depending on which shot the flash was on made no difference 100% failure. LowerLEFT is the 20 foot shot as you see the 5 lines to the right side that is a christmas decoration. flash, 50% closer same thing and then to top it all off at6-8 feet night mode and Flash a Picture All these dark pictures we'll talk about this at the end. i appologise for empty spac here.

5. Daylight Pictures at high Noon. All these pics are in a car and at stand still, except the last one outside. they realy speak for themself upper left pic is clear and shows a good colorshot with shadow, upper right is a moving pic and the bridgewhich looks in need of repeair. Lower left a much better pic and better caption. lower right is outside and is again soft in viewing?

6 daylight highest megapixal vs. lowest. here you will notice two of the same Pics left is 6 meg , right is 1 meg. its the internet in person left pic smooth

398kb 28x21 vs 157kb 17x13 other shots like the bridge is exactly the same file size is less on 6 meg as well as the lower or lowest settings? No great detail is noticed to me If I needed to crop a 3 meg shot would be best.

7.reg 4x zoom vs. smart 4x zoom digital below are two identical shots the reg 4x, andsmart 4x digital zoom. both have excellent close ups while smart zoom uses just a few more bites about 10k more the left is regular and the right is smart.

8. a 6 megapixal at its best .

click me for the full blown view of the lighthouse

Click me for Image shacks perminent link

Above is the link to the light house in its full size. you may choose to view here or there , may be downloaded right click save asimage. You may take note, the two cones stick out like a highlighted pen, and the awning is a vivid color while everything is a nce match we are talkin about the pic below on top, the Pic on bottom is of another excellent shot. As the Host of the popular and no longer aired show SHOPathome network they would tell you look how close you can read the sign "reserved for Jordon Lobster customers".

Overview As we snapped Pictures in different Conditions it is best to say, a beginners camcorder and excellent for outdoor shots the best feature that grabs my attention is the SmartZoom it truely makes a clearer picture.

As for the Night shots where I started out. Please be careful if you snap and drive


The 1st shot I have taken at night and all functions basically in the auto mode most the time, has realy dissappointed me my eyes say i see light but the camera said , sorry it's not enough . as there are vivid colors or window lighing etc the camera did manage to grab but blur Do not be dissappointed with night shots you will take excellent ones when you have the time to adjust and take the proper steps to do so. In my next segment there is a clip that will blow you away. the Bill board was the kicker here it was the best of the nightshot almost looked like a plasma tv. lets not forget the gas station shot pritty good for average.

As we move along in the early morning and daylight the camera does a wonderful job and with its small file size holding it up to 6 megs. Movement may need sturdier hands and when the lighting is correct the shot does come out priceless. again letting the camera do its work more then choosing its functions

lastly I have posted 3 pictures at its best viewed size 2 on the post and One for direct view. I find the Lighthouse shot the best of them all. once again. camera does its job some may like some may dissagree Just remember take your time and all will work out at the end never point the sensor to the sun, and have light on its subjects. 20 foot range is best suited rather infinity shots. if infinity shots are taken just make sure you keep steady and no movement.

Added comparision shots of Other, Aiptek MPVr

A. We'll do a compariosnIs-dv2 andMPVr


Click on the above link you'll see two excellent shots ofa cruise ship withthe IS-DV2

left is the Is-dv2 same time 10 secs apart right side MPVr Flash is used and it is a low light situation Is-dv2 bo good MPVr awesome. same settings no minipulations vid samples of same time with night mode may be a viewed in the nextsection.

Section 7 Video variations

Comparision video click me

here we'll take video using all the features possable WB if possable ev settiongs special effect smartzoom vs reg zoom and more.

I havemultiple video clips of night shots to day shots .As I will Place these up keep in mind Youtube streams the video, take note video filmed in motion may be jumpy.

anything highlighted in yellow is a link

1. night vid highway driving click me10 secs rinding between deviders at 4 am light should reflect to road

2 night vid city skiline click me10 secs city line is within view at night , only lights are outlined in dots.

3. night time drive smootherclick me 10 secs tricolor building over road was to beseen vey dark but well lit to drive

4. night time drive over Bklyn bridge click me
the lights on the bridge should have made the ride will lit but blurred and bumpy

5. night time drive overfranklyn bridge click me10 secssecs the lights on this bridge is well lit should have made the road look like it was brighter.

6. night time vid in tunnel click33 secs the tunnel is well li andshould have been a hint of saphire or bronze ut shown very dark.

7. night vid on a welcoming town sign click me 10 secs the vid shows a welcome to harrison, and the sign itself had lights at 100 plus feet away where is it too dark.

8. night vid on the idt and flag 4x reg zoom click me 10 secs the vid is the best night vid in my opinion my motto saying applies here! see for yourself

9. night vid on the idt flag Smart zoom 4x click me 10 secs the vid is the best night shot vid again in my opinion my motto applies here! see for yourself

10. night time vid Gas station overshot click me15 secs the vid is lit up just right thre is a police car undercover shows a good view. and its 2 stories up.

11. night time vid gas station over shot Night mode click me15 secs the vid is of the same one above but night mode applied with a slower panning this vid speaks foritself , it passes in flying colors, brighter and more visable

12. 5:30 shot of church vid zoom click me15 secs this vid was taken , at the morning hours aswell as the pic you see in the above section 6. and outlines are made out.

13. morning overlook cars on road click me20 secs
this vid shows of the morning hours of traffic moving looking down 2 stories.

14. insidevid of engine in room lighted click me15 secsthis vid shows an engine with flourecent lighting well lit but may be a little hard to read in here. the vi shows a fair movie

inside vid light 20' down to 6' and back click me20 secs this vid shows the ledvid light, against a wall andwalking to the next wall 20 feet down to 6 feet to display a christmas decoration

16. inside vid light with night mode 20-6' click me20 secs this vid shows thenight mode on with the vid light as well from against the wall to 6 feet back to 20 feet

17 daylight driving on the road click me20 secs this vid shows the daytime and in motion a good view holding its focal points.

18. daytimedrive vivid color click me20 secs this vid shows vivd colors as the sun is popping out a Pickle truck and tight lanes

19. day time scenery vid click me15 secs this vid shows the scenery of Jordens lobster house in a quante part of my area.

__________________________________________________ _________

daytimeshot Pure sunligh

As the sun is purely out iam walking my dog. the camera reacts like any other hybrid it does adjust to shade and light . I'll Place a different vid up as well of a fishing boat , you'll notice bleeding of RED. these two videos will be saved on a higher saving of win movie maker no editing pure footage. I'll try my best t o place on google and look soon for these two a different website.

1 dog walk 1 minute plus click me . no toturing was done at all my dog loves to hold his leash andtoys

2 baby bullet and dorthy B fishing click me no fish were caught one guy catches a sea bass andshows a fellet not in vid

OVERVIEW:As we recorded video in the most important areas first Night, then daytime, we still need to get some subjects in motion, and in an interview for vid andaud.stay tuned for that.

We can clearly see no stabilzation was used. while driving and filming not recommended. it is recommended you film outdoors instead of inside. if outdoor filming, and in a car.( makes the video darker.with sun) (clouds and overcast may brighten up vid)The camcorder feature will make it darker even if its light outside, this holds true for the orginal IS-dv and is handed over to this hybrid as well. When ample light is given the camcorder will pick up the video, but filming range must be kept within reason. As There was light of vids 8,9,11,13, and 14 the camera can film in different scenerios. if given the time to do so.

The best feature used and liked again is the smartzoom, as well as the regular digital zoom. the vid 8 or 9 proves it to be the best ever in my eyes. when I play the vids i was dissappointed at first till I got to them and that is satasfactory in my eyes. excellent beginners camera for sure. all in all the video's were all filmed in [email protected] the vga setting (high) I peferre to film only in that format and with a 1 gig sd card. a faster speed will be tested later.


section 8

Software, printing, webcam, and other functions

If you take a look at what Aiptek gives you it is a nice pkg odf software, less a dvd burning tool.

Muvee4. is a simple to use video maker and may have the option to Burn your vid and stills to dvd if your pc has one, otherwise cdr's. as Aiptek, and the software company only gives you vcd burning upgrades are available, you'll see a how to in the hybrid section towards the end for this.( if available)

Arc software is excellent easy to use at the beginning may be hard. any software is like that.

arc converter is offered with the higher end model MPVr allows any type of file to play into the camera when converted correctly . This leads you can watch a movie on that 1.5 inch screen and finish it with 3 hours of battery life or more.

arc sd card reader if your pc has one, not needed if want to load its self explainitory.

arc photo impressions has some neat stuff simple to use and very nicely made

Webcam you will read more info on this in its PDF file when Purchase plug camera in pc hit the webcam feature and of you go. 20fps and 10fps gives you two vid sizes , not getting into detail again nice feature for laptop users or other.

We are Just about finished talking about the camera we did not forget MP3 and voice recorder


Section 9 Mp3 player

as I load a MP3 file 3 of them 1 wave and 2 mp3 no titles show due to my part. I get to the mp3 by going to menu and then hitting MODE

1 the song plays you may play and pause no more the sound through its external speakers are pritty good for the clip I have (no treble bass controls just volume)

will load a vid clip stay tuned for that

the 1st song is now over and goes directly to the second song

2. Now if you hit menu you can change songs

3. if you want to delete you hit the Still button and up/down zoom

Mp3 has a volume of 1-10

As many like to use the MP3 I at the moment do not . I do notsee any repeat functions or random,will update when found

this concludes my short section for this
Conclusion of the IS-DV2

As I and two other members own this camcorder (if still) it is an Excellent camera in my eyes. there are Advantages, and disadvantages.

the good part of what I like about this camcorder may be found below in the pro's an the bad side in the con's.

I will say :

1. zoom greately improved, added SmartZoom Aplus+

2. video lighting (should be used with night mode, and slowest panning possable and short range).

3. Night mode works excellent when used in Correct situations

4 Compact and 2aa battery system 3 hr life garranteed.

There will be other comments and compliments But please do not take my word for it, let the video show you. Dial up users who view will suffer the most, sorry.

Complaints I have to make

1 video light does not work in certain situations due to not following guidelines left out ( 6 feet under will proform ) ( 6feet and over will help you out of a situation in danger)(no vid)

2 tripod certain ones do not fit. lcd design can be corrected bigger and angled.

3. button placement hard to see when same color cordinated.

4. lens cap, hand grip (left handed) can cover flash ,but hardely will ever use

5. sd card cover , may not be the best will sometimes open

As I conclude my review i have left out some criticle info or forgot, the most important info is right here. this review will help you decide what to do.

ask yourself if its right for you ask this right here . owning one makes it more helpful to others even owning another brand.

The IS-DV2 is a beginners , to Novice hybrid , It is not a Professional camera , but will help with leaving your Professional one at home and take this on the go. To the beach, a party, an Ocassion, a confrence meeting, a DIY tuturial. and more.

Newer features are added and i cannot believe th difference

as I placed a rating from 1-5 and rated 3. it is just that.

Thank you reading this review Plese if you have any question concer comment and complaint Please post here . we're more helpful then you can imagine,
thank you Mod FISHY

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Pro's of the camera

The things I like abou the Aiptek IS-DV2 as i go along with my review

1. compact size like older models

2.Sd card seperate from battery compartment

3.seperate pic and rec buttons

4.2aa battery system A+ in my books

5.limited added features keeps it simple.

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Con's of the camera

there are concerns and things ido no like about the camera

1.lettering on camera very small, and color scheme grey on grey?

2. swival is a 90 degree and if allowed 10 degree tilt would have been nice?. or 110 degree rather 90.

3.low light situation is no words always a talk of the topics. the night mode and leds must be used but lack distance.

4. Screen is small and very hard for the older generations.
5. no turning off the tft lcd screen, only an adjustment in light onefeature needed as a center point.

6 tripod . certain tripods il fit loose.

7 no carrying case, nor tripod two critcal etentials.

8. Lens cap protection sticker is not on the cap but left on the BOX.

9. noise is present at a quiet room on low res and sepration. not a big deal just a hybrid.

10 Mr.Chip....... claimes removal of battery to connect to pc link
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Updated info of the camera

1.certain target locations dropped from 119.99 to 88.00 07-27-06

Updated Info Inspect your product be sure your lens protection is on th cap, then to be removed.

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So have we noticed any audio/video sync issues with this device yet? I didn't think to test this when I had mine.
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RGvcam thank you for starting to post in here

1. special thank you for informing our members and guests who view of the price cut at trget limits certain states this price a feweeks at a time.

2. I have not yet begun to get to that spot vid and aud synk issues i am going to try to get to the street and stop some bystanders and interview them. If I place my mug face up :GI notice myself incorrectly talking. we're used to that. so a stranger is best or a friend. If my naighbors kids are around I'll grab them they have great personality and as k for their permission If I need I'll pixal their faces but nottheir motuths.

3. The camera I must try every sequence for the firmware , amy waste a call to Aiptek, and ask I 'll email A support member and ask for the firmware upgrade if available

4.I have some excellent footage but may have rushed my shots due to security reasons , The newest cruise line Visions of the sea. Royal princess lines. (correct meif I am wrong). and comparision shots with the MPVr and Mustek dv4500 of the same vid and pictures as posted here.

Thank you.

lastly have you re-purchased a model IS-dv2? the Spotlight does not interefere with my model at all as you stated in your personal review.....Mod FISHY
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Here is a very interstinf find in the IS-dv2

I hope I am not mixing up my sd cards...

1. I just reformatted in the pc the sd card and in the camera itself

2. I snap my pix first 0001,2,3,4,5 then vid. 0006,7,8,9.10

3. I go to the pc and read as PIC0001 Pic0002,3,4,5 vid0006,7,8,910

delete the window clips by draging mouse over all and right click delete

reload sd card to camera

4. I repeat proccess in vid first 0001,2,3,4,5 then PIC 0006,7,8,9,10

.go to pc and find the count to be CLIP0011,clip0012.13.14.15 and PIC0016 pic0017,18,19,20

I repeat proccess and do a last test

1 I snap a pic, then I snap a vid alternating a few times

to find PIC0022, CLIP0023 PIC0024,CLIP0025

the camcorder has a memory like no other as the older ones did not

they would go back to CLIP0001

this is excellent as when you ad thesd card and have names in there they would be overwrited.

if They would have named it IS-DV CLIP0001, and IS-DV PIC0001 even better?

So this is a find that no one picked up.

As long as you do not reformat the same pc card you are good 2 go.

Added Info

here is a low resolution and first time Pixalation


it may be a problem with fast recording as I rushed for the shot.
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This is a super review with so much detail and real examples. I sent you a private message with this same question, just in case.

I purchased a Aiptek IS-DV2 and am having difficulties getting the images into the PC, or viewing on PC. I can see them on the incamera screen fine.

Instructions in manual:

1. Connect USB cable to camera.

2. Connect USB cable to PC and the PC

3. Turn on camcorder.

It won't turn on??? No signs of it being on. Using explorer or "My Computer" and they don't reconise it.

Open and closing screen door has no effect or pressing "ON" button doesn't either.

After performing the above I must remove one of the batteries to get it to operate.

Also could not get a video picture from TV when it was connected.

What am I doing wrong.:?

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I loaded the hybrid with ease I have xp? while the PKG states win 98 that may be 1 headache right there? what O.S. are you or have in windows ?

1 Plug camera in it should recognise, if not you must load the software?

2 once the software is loaded , and have thatissue , find the driver and do a troubleshoot, you may need to reinstall?

3 driver c:/ should be your main drive d:/ ,e:/ example driver f should be external, driver g:/ be internal?

4. if not try turning on camera by opening the door, and then hitting the on/off manually? go find the settings and go to tools and locate USB?

I bet its a older version win 98 you're using. try a few tries it'll go.

on the other hand how do you like the IS-DV2 , I thought it was a wonderful camera, but preferre a larger screen.................

there was one other member RGVCAM he may have a suggestion, while not many own this hybrid or found the site yet? glad you're here anda Welcome again
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I am using XP Pro. So that should not be an issue.

I loaded all the camera software before I attempted a connection. Software seems to work OK.

All other USB devices I have plugged in are reconized by the PC, so I am kind of confused by it not being reconized. Seems I am unable to turn the camera on with the USB cable connected?

With the USB cable connected the camera doesn't show any sighn of turning on.
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